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50 Days Revision Plan for the UPSC Prelims Exam

Aug 18, 2021

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Recommended Practices to Effectively Revise for Prelims

# Thoroughly Revise Current Affairs

# Approach Static Subjects Revision Wisely

# Solve Mock Tests and Previous Year Papers

# Stick to your Existing Preparation Resources

Recommended Practices to Effectively Revise for UPSC Prelims

Recommended Practices to Effectively Revise for Prelims

To crack the Prelims exam, adhering to its preparation rules such as referring to self-prepared notes and timely revision is pertinent. And for this, you should have a definite plan at hand like how much time to be given to a particular subject, as per its importance in the exam. Read further as this article will navigate you through the best practices to effectively revise for UPSC Prelims.

# Thoroughly Revise Current Affairs

Undoubtedly, current affairs remain the most crucial aspect of the Prelims exam. The Prelims syllabus mentions “Current events of national and international importance”. Hence, revising Current Affairs should be an inevitable part of your daily studies. 

Pro Tip: Align your current affairs preparation with static subjects. Try to correlate the important current events with the relevant subjects, wherever possible.  

To excel in the UPSC Prelims, it is advisable to thoroughly read the current affairs of the past year. It should be covered in a speedy manner with a special focus on prelims.

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# Approach Static Subjects Revision Wisely

If there is one thing that is predictable about the Prelims exam, it is the Static syllabus. But it is extensive and requires a consolidated approach for its timely revision. Hence devising a daily, weekly, and monthly study plan is of paramount importance to effectively cover the static syllabus in time.

To make the study session more productive you should consider the 2 steps revision method. You can follow the below-mentioned study plan to cover the static subjects:

Step 1 

In the first 35 days, you should revise all the subjects by giving adequate time to each one of them. In this step, revision should be comprehensive but strictly within the number of days allocated for that particular subject. Also, appropriate time should be given to practice previous year questions, Mock tests and CSAT.

Step 2

In the last fifteen days, you should revise the syllabus again but this time in war footing mode where you will be reading about the highlighted and important information only without wasting any time.

Please note that the above plan is only suggestive and should be customized as per the aspirant’s choice.

# Solve Mock Tests and Previous Year Papers

If you study the syllabus once and do not practice mock tests and solve previous year’s papers, that means you haven’t studied at all!

Reading and learning is one part of the UPSC exam preparation and solving questions based on those topics is another. It is strongly recommended to solve as many mock tests as possible. This will boost your confidence and solving previous year papers will help you to understand the exam pattern.

# Stick to your Existing Preparation Resources

Rather than exploring and switching to other learning resources, it is a wise idea to stick to your current resources for preparation at this stage. There is no scarcity of information available on online and offline mediums for the current affairs preparation, but relying on a different medium other than your existing one for the Prelims preparation will only complicate the process.

With most of the available information repetitive, it is suggested to limit and trust the resources you have at this stage and believe in yourself.

Last but not least, take care of your health.

We hope the above-stated information will help you to effectively revise for the upcoming Prelims exam. If you want more assistance with the UPSC exam preparation, you can take the assistance of PrepLadder. 

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