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QBank 2.0 - The Best Question Bank for UPSC

Nov 9, 2022

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4 New Reasons Why QBank 2.0 is As Good As It Gets for UPSC Aspirants

Content Expanded to Match Video Lectures

Recommended Videos Added to Explanations

Treasures Added To Explanations

Available in Both English and Hindi

QBank 2.0 - Here’s why this is As Good As It Gets

4 New Reasons Why QBank 2.0 is As Good As It Gets for UPSC Aspirants

Content Expanded to Match Video Lectures

The number of questions in the new Qbank has been increased to match the content of the video lectures. In 2.0 we have added over 2000 new questions after a thorough analysis of the previous years’ exam papers and important topics.  

This means that in QBank 2.0 you will have access to more than 8300 questions to refine and improve your performance. The questions have been checked and approved by the Dream Team, and the previous year’s UPSC toppers as well to ensure the quality of the highest standard is maintained. 

Before we move on to the next point, here is a video about Bharat a to z that you must watch. 

Bharat a to z is a series where our top UPSC CSE faculty will help you learn and memorize all the key points about India’s unity in diversity from the UPSC Exam perspective. This series will cover important states with respect to India's history, culture, architecture, geography, economic status, and more.

Recommended Videos Added to Explanations

If you get stuck on a question and want to learn more about a particular topic, you don’t need to search for the related video separately. In QBank 2.0 we have added Recommended Videos to explanations. Now, whenever you need to learn more about any topic, you can simply watch the recommended video mentioned along with the explanation. 

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Treasures Added To Explanations

If you remember, Treasures are easy-to-remember flashcards that you find on the PrepLadder App. Now imagine being able to read the key points related to a question while you read the explanation. Wouldn’t that make your preparation so much easier?

We thought so too. And we have done exactly that. With QBank 2.0 you can find Treasures attached to every explanation. Now you can quickly read and memorize high-yield information related to the question that you just attempted. 

Available in Both English and Hindi

With QBank 2.0, language is not a barrier anymore. You now have the option of switching between English and Hindi and reading the questions in the language you prefer most. Amazing, isn’t it?

In addition to these amazing updates, our team at PrepLadder has spent a lot of time and effort towards framing the explanations in a particular manner. With the latest update, you will not only understand why a particular option is correct but also why the other options are incorrect. 

Every new update has been designed and implemented with the twin goals of making your preparation easier and improving your performance.  

And there you go, these are the new updates that come with QBank 2.0. And as we have mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, QBank 2.0 is available for FREE till the 14th of November on the PrepLadder App

Post 14th only Premium users will be able to access it. So hurry up and use it now. 

Just like the QBank 2.0, there are high-yield Mock Tests on the PrepLadder App that you can use for practice. They will make your preparation easier and improve your chances of clearing the exam as well. 

In fact, you will find everything you need to clear the UPSC CSE exam on the PrepLadder App. This includes concise, effective and well-planned video lectures by the Dream Team comprising India’s Top UPSC Faculties, high-yield QBank, PrepTests based on the latest exam pattern, Treasures, PrepNotes and PYQs among others.  

Download the PrepLadder App and kickstart your UPSC preparation with the right tools. 

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