UPSC Polity & Constitution Preparation Redefined

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About Polity and Constitution for UPSC CSE

Polity is considered one of the easier subjects as it has a defined syllabus and easy-to-understand study material. It is one of the first subjects prepared by aspirants because it lays the foundation of UPSC preparation and gives an idea of how the government functions. It has a high accuracy rate if prepared well and carries importance in all stages of the exam including Prelims, Mains and Personality Test.

Why Study PrepLadder’s Polity & Constitution NCERT Summary for UPSC exam?

With comprehensive coverage from Classes 9th to 12th, PrepLadder’s NCERT summary for Polity & Constitution, UPSC, is designed to help you build a strong foundation. It will assist you to understand the basics of the subject, revise it faster and remember everything you study for longer.

Meet our Polity and Constitution Faculty

Our faculty for Polity and Constitution is the legendary M. Puri sir with over two decades of teaching experience. He is particularly known for his tremendous teaching skills and has mentored many aspirants to prepare for UPSC and achieve success. In his teaching career, he has taught students in many places including Ludhiana, Chandigarh and New Delhi.