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How to Prepare for Polity ?

Mar 04, 2022

How to Prepare for Polity ?

Polity is a subject that is often prepared first when someone starts preparing for the UPSC civil services exam. This is because this subject gives an understanding of the way in which the government functions. It lays the foundation of the UPSC exam preparation as without it, one won't be able to understand the newspapers in detail. In itself, it carries a lot of weightage in all the stages of the exam, be it Prelims, Mains or Personality test. In Prelims, it is one of those subjects which has a high accuracy rate if prepared well. 

How Should one Prepare for Polity?

To understand the basics of the Polity, one should go through 11th Class NCERT (Indian Constitution at Work and Political Theory) properly. After covering the NCERT PrepNotes, one can go through the video lectures of M Puri Sir (who is well known for explaining the concepts in a very lucid manner) along with the PrepNotes on the PrepLadder App. The polity syllabus for Prelims as well as Mains has been covered extensively in these video lectures. These notes should be revised at least 2-3 times for better understanding. 

Watch a video lecture on Functions of the Speaker of Lok Sabha to have a glimpse of the impeccable teaching style of M. Puri Sir:

Then one should attempt Past Year papers of UPSC for both Prelims and Mains as these papers will help in knowing the important areas on which the UPSC generally focuses. The current events related to Polity can be covered by Monthly Current Affairs Magazines (PrepMagazine) or through PrepLadder Rapid Revision Course. 

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The final step is giving mock tests to check the preparation level. One should give both sectional and full-length mocks for Prelims. 

If one prepares Polity in a comprehensive way, then his or her chances of clearing the exam increases significantly. It is one subject which is considered to have a high input to output ratio which means that the amount of time given to it will translate into marks rapidly and proportionately.

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