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Best Ever QBank for UPSC Exam Preparation

Aug 12, 2021

‘Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice’ - Anton Chekhov. 

There is no denying the fact that efficiently preparing for UPSC exams requires practice. Nothing can beat this essential study ritual. To ace the most coveted Civil Services Exam, it is imperative to be consistent in your exam preparation. More importantly, the backing of a comprehensive training partner that pushes you to self-examine at every stage during your exam preparation is of paramount importance.

PrepLadder does JUST that!

Among many unique preparation tools available on PrepLadder, QBank is the most prominent one that enables you to assess your knowledge acquired during UPSC exam preparation.

PrepLadder QBank- The Gold Standard for UPSC Exam

UPSC QBank, The Gold Standard for UPSC exam, is a collection of 6300 exam-oriented and high yield MCQs. It has questions related to static as well as questions from important current events of national and international importance. 

Keeping in mind the unpredictable nature of the Civil Services Examination, the UPSC QBank is reviewed frequently. With a particular emphasis on UPSC Prelims and Mains examination, our aim is to always have a variety of questions based on the updated exam pattern and the latest questions that keep your grey cells ticking.

With the UPSC QBank, our objective is simple; to streamline your UPSC exam preparation and improve your learning experience.

Amazing Features of UPSC QBank

We understand how important it is to solve questions during the Civil Services Exam preparation to properly understand a topic. How about solving them more effectively with the UPSC QBank.

Read further to know more about the amazing features of UPSC Qbank that will make you addicted to learning. 

1. Questions Curated by the Dream Team

UPSC QBank has high-yield questions based on all topics specially curated with great research by the DREAM TEAM for UPSC. Solving all the questions will help you to make the most of your study time and improve your exam scores.

2. Subject Wise Topic Coverage

With the UPSC QBank, you will get the advantage to prepare and solve the questions of all the UPSC subjects. That means; the QBank will have subject-wise topic coverage that will help you to prepare effectively.

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3. Combined with Video Lectures

The list of amazing features doesn’t end here. There’s more to it!

Keeping productivity in focus, the UPSC QBank allows you to practice questions with integrated video lectures. That means you will now find a related video lecture, in case you feel you haven’t understood the question/explanation properly.

4. Detailed Explanations that Simplify the Concept

So that you don't miss anything while preparing for the UPSC exam, every time you attempt a question, you will get a precise and conceptual explanation for every correct answer for a better understanding.  

You will get explanations for why an answer is correct and explanations for why other answers are incorrect wherever possible.

5. Separate Section for Previous Year Questions

Not only does the QBank has a variety of high yield questions, but it also has a separate section for previous year questions. As a UPSC aspirant, you should know the pattern of questions asked in the Civil Services Examination.

Thus, you need to solve the previous year question papers; and UPSC QBank will assist you with this.

6. Expected UPSC Exam Pattern Questions

Get a good idea about the expected UPSC exam pattern questions from the QBank. This will help you to prepare for the exam accordingly. With the UPSC exam coming with a surprise every year, we have compiled various anticipated questions on UPSC’s favourite subjects such as Environment, Science & Technology, etc.

Your Civil Services Exam preparation is set to undergo a significant change with the PrepLadder’s best ever QBank for UPSC. Use it now to own your UPSC Dream. 

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