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Apr 7, 2022

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What’s in Store for you with this FREE Trial?

Highly Informative Video Lectures by India’s Leading UPSC Faculty

Best Ever QBank

NCERT Summary

Mock Tests combined with Performance Analysis

PrepNotes- A detailed Insight

What’s in Store for you with this FREE Trial?

Highly Informative Video Lectures by India’s Leading UPSC Faculty

Engaging and conceptual video lectures by the DREAM TEAM comprising India’s leading UPSC faculty will make your preparation simpler and more effective. You will be able to access highly informative video lectures by the below-mentioned faculty that we have onboard:

  • Hemant Jha Sir- History
  • Vivek Singh Sir- Economy
  • M.Puri Sir- Polity, IR, and Governance
  • Himanshu Sharma Sir- Geography
  • Deepanshu Singh Sir- Indian Society
  • Dr. Awadesh Singh- Essay and Answer Writing
  • Atul Garg Sir- Ethics
  • Pavneet Singh Sir- Internal Security
  • Sharad Tripathi Sir- Science and Technology
  • Prem Sodhani Sir- Current Affairs

Have a glimpse of the teaching style of Vivek Singh Sir, one of our DREAM TEAM educators, where he explains the types of Government Securities in a detailed Hinglish video lecture:

Best Ever QBank

Unless you don’t evaluate your exam preparation at regular intervals, you won’t be able to track your progress. With PrepLadder QBank, you will get ample practice material as it has a collection of thousands of exam-oriented and high-yield MCQs. 

Not only that, PrepLadder QBank has questions related to static and questions from current events of National and International importance. All of this will be available for FREE on the app for a complete week. 

NCERT Summary

Diving deep into the complex realm of UPSC subjects such as History, Geography, Economy, Polity, and many more requires their basic understanding. It can only be acquired with the help of NCERT books. 

In the FREE trial, you will get complete coverage of NCERTS from Class VI to Class XII with chapter wise incorporation of all relevant topics.

Mock Tests combined with Performance Analysis

Acing the UPSC CSE requires access to well-structured and latest study material and, most importantly, practice material to test your knowledge during your learning journey to ensure that your preparation is headed on the right track.  

With PrepLadder, you’ll get enough practice material with PrepTests. These are the practice papers prepared by our in-house experts and the DREAM TEAM. PrepTests are purely prepared based on the latest exam pattern and are designed to make you exam-ready. 

So, evaluate your UPSC CSE preparation by attempting PrepTests, and at the end of every test, get a detailed performance analysis which includes:

  • Score
  • Rank
  • Number of Questions attempted
  • Correct Answers
  • Correct Guesses
  • Accuracy
  • Time taken
  • Percentile

PrepNotes- A detailed Insight 

Apart from the Video lectures, QBank, and Mock Tests, in the 7 days FREE trial, you will also get access to a crucial element of preparation, PrepNotes!

Unlike regular notes, PrepNotes are the best-ever notes for UPSC CSE preparation. You will experience a significant change in your preparation once you access these notes. Curious, what’s so unique about these notes?

Well, these are:

  • Comprehensive Notes based on video lectures by the DREAM TEAM.
  • Colored Notes with high-quality images for a better understanding of a topic.
  • Have high yield information in the form of tables, flowcharts, and mindmaps.
  • Topics are marked with timestamps.
  • To add value to the PrepNotes, we have provided QBank with detailed explanations and Solved PYQs

When there’s so much on the offering, why delay grabbing this opportunity!

Download the PrepLadder app now and use the coupon code FREETRIAL to make the most of this FREE Trial to our premium content and don’t miss the opportunity to study with India’s best UPSC faculty.

Keep following our articles to apprise yourself with the latest information about the exam. You can also join our Telegram channel for UPSC exam preparation to always stay ahead.  

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