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Grand IAS Scholarship Test - Assured Scholarships For Everyone

Oct 19, 2022

UPSC Scholarship By PrepLadder

When you participate in PrepLadder’s Grand IAS Scholarship Test, you are guaranteed to win. Why? Because this test has something for everyone. 

And if you crack the top 100, big rewards are waiting for you!

PrepLadder’s Grand IAS Scholarship Test is a fortnightly scholarship test that will be held twice a month for UPSC aspirants. The first test held on 16th October 2022 was a massive success. The next date for the exam is 13th November 2022

More than 15000 aspiring IAS officers registered for the test because they knew the rewards were big.  

Here is what you win when you crack the Grand IAS Scholarship Test:

  • Assured scholarship
  • LIVE Mentorship from the Dream Team to the top 100 scorers. 

Excited? You should be! 

You have the chance to study with India’s leading UPSC Faculty FREE for a whole year. Plus, the fact that you get to interact with them personally to boost your preparation, is the cherry on top of the cake. 

We shall learn in detail about the Grand IAS Scholarship Test further in the article. 

The rewards are just bonus points you can win when you crack the scholarship test. There are fundamental benefits of taking tests such as mock tests, scholarship tests, and subject-specific tests, regardless of your level of preparation.  

Every test, just like this one, is a foolproof method to level up your UPSC CSE preparation. In fact, it is one of the most recommended ways. 

This is because UPSC CSE is not like any other exam. It is considered India’s toughest exam and you need more than knowledge to clear it. 

High-quality tests like the Grand IAS Scholarship Test, conducted on an all-India level, amplify your chances of bagging a top rank in the UPSC CSE. Such tests are brilliantly effective for both Prelims and Mains examinations.

Let us look at why tests are crucial to maximize your UPSC preparation.

Benefits of Taking Tests

1. Increase Confidence  

Tests like the Grand IAS Scholarship Test are a replica of the actual UPSC CSE exam in a simulated environment. Attempting it and excelling in it will give you a sense of achievement. 

Another advantage is that it improves your exam-taking skills and makes you feel more confident about your preparation. 

2. Remove Anxiety

Even if your preparation is complete and you are thorough with your studies, anxiety can hold you back from performing well in the UPSC exam.  

Test-taking helps you hone your skills and avoid anxiety. Regular practice gives you a sense of writing the actual exam. Moreover, after practicing repeatedly, you will know how to manage your time, what to start with and what to skip. 

All this helps you keep calm and think clearly on exam day.

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3. Boost Memory Power

Experts recommend writing an answer instead of just reading it because it helps our brain process the information and remembers it longer.   

Going by that logic, tests will help you absorb concepts more clearly, understand them in depth and remember them for longer. 

4. Your Chances of Scoring High Go Up!

When the above three benefits combine, it leads to a greater chance of scoring high in the real exam. Seeing as the ultimate purpose of everything is to increase your marks, this is a great way to do that. 

Before you move on to the next paragraph, here is a video you must watch. In just one hour, Vivek Singh sir highlights 25 high-yield Economy questions after a detailed analysis of the past 5 years of UPSC Prelims question papers. 


In addition, you increase your thinking and processing speed and eliminate the scope of making silly mistakes. 

These are the benefits of taking tests during your UPSC preparation.  

Most importantly, test-taking is a great way to ensure that your preparation is going in the right direction. 

This is why after you appear for the Grand IAS Scholarship Test, we will send you detailed feedback on your strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve your UPSC preparation to achieve your IAS dream.

Any way you look at it, appearing for the Grand IAS Scholarship Test is a win-win situation for you. Also, there is a reward for every participant! 

Interesting isn’t it? 

And there is more. Here are five additional reasons why you should participate in the Grand IAS Scholarship Test.

5 Unbeatable Reasons to Participate in the Grand IAS Scholarship Test

Here are five reasons why participating in this test will improve your UPSC preparation:

1. Pan-India Competition

You will be competing with thousands of serious and motivated UPSC aspirants from across the country. This is a great opportunity to evaluate your preparation on a national level and get a real feel of the examination. 

2. LIVE Simulation of the UPSC Exam

All questions asked in the test will be based on the latest exam pattern. These questions are prepared by India’s top UPSC faculty and our in-house experts at PrepLadder so that your preparation is in line with the upcoming exam.  

3. In-Depth Analysis 

After you complete the test, we shall announce the results immediately within the next two hours. 

Along with the result, we shall send you detailed feedback on areas you can improve in and the steps you can take to do so.  

4. Upto 50% Fee Waiver

You can claim the fee waiver against the UPSC GS Dream Pack. Here is how the fee waiver works. 

If you score in the Top 20% of students, you become eligible for a 50% fee waiver

If you score in the next 30% of students, you are eligible to claim a 25% fee waiver

And everyone else below that percentage score can claim a 10% fee waiver on the UPSC GS Dream Pack.  

As promised, you can see that we are offering assured scholarships for everyone who participates in the Grand IAS Scholarship Test. No matter your score, you can claim a 10% fee waiver for UPSC GS Dream Pack.  

5. LIVE Mentorship with the Dream Team

This is the cherry on top of the cake!

The top 100 scorers in each test will get the opportunity to win an exclusive LIVE mentorship with India’s leading UPSC faculty M.Puri, Vivek Singh, Hemant Jha, and Atul Garg sir among others. 

LIVE interaction can give an immense boost to your UPSC CSE preparation. In fact, the advantages you will have over your competitors are endless. You will have India’s best faculty to give you proven advice that has helped hundreds of UPSC CSE toppers reach success. 

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Now let’s look at how you can register for the test. 

How to Register for Grand IAS Scholarship Test?

It is very easy to register for the test. Simply go to the Grand IAS Scholarship Test webpage, click on the ‘Register for FREE’ button, and enter your mobile number. 

Next, you have to enter your details and click on ‘Submit’ to complete your registration. There is no registration fee for the scholarship test. 

Once you have successfully registered, you can focus on your studies. We will send you a reminder email before the test. 

The results and scholarships will be announced on the PrepLadder App

And that’s it! 

So what are you waiting for? Register for FREE and take the first step to make your IAS dream come true. 

Keep following the PrepLadder blog for more interesting news like the Grand IAS Scholarship Test and be updated with the latest information about the UPSC exam. 

You can also follow our Telegram channel to keep up with the latest information about the UPSC CSE. 

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