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Sorting Materials into Groups - Science and Tech NCERT Notes for UPSC

Jan 25, 2023

Sorting Materials into Groups

Objects around us are made of one or more materials. These materials may be glass, metal, plastics, wood, cotton, paper, mud, or soil, etc. We will discuss the properties of materials in this blog which will help you to enhance your UPSC CSE preparation. 

Properties of Materials

Properties of materials help us to decide which material should be used for making any given object. Some common properties are:

  1. Appearance
    • Having lustre or shiny appearance - Gold, Silver etc.
    • Having no lustre or dull appearance - Paper, Chalk etc.
  2. Hardness
    • Hard to compress, scratch - Iron, Stone etc.
    • Easy to compress, scratch - Sponge, Wool etc.
  3. Soluble/Insoluble in water
    • Soluble in Water - Sugar, Salt etc.
    • Insoluble in Water - Petrol, Saw Dust etc.
  4. Float/Sink in Water
    • Lighter than water (Less Density) thus floats - Dry Leaves, Oil etc.
    • Heavier than water (High Density) thus sinks - Stone, Iron etc.
  5. Transparency
MaterialCan see-through material Examples
TransparentYes, EasilyGlass, Water 
TranslucentYes, but not clearlyOiled Paper, Clouds
OpaqueNoWood, Brick

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Thus, grouping of materials based on the similarities or differences in their properties can help us to study their characteristics in a more convenient manner.

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