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10 Tips to Improve Answer Writing Skills in UPSC Main Exam

Jul 29, 2021

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Pro Tips to Improve Writing Skills for UPSC Mains Exam

How to improve your answer writing skills in the UPSC Exam

Pro Tips to Improve Writing Skills for UPSC Mains Exam

If you too are looking for the right answer to the question, "How to improve answer writing skills for UPSC Mains, follow the below-listed tips thoroughly.

# Tip 1 Read the question very carefully. By doing so you will understand what is specifically being asked and subsequently, you will be able to frame your answer accordingly.

# Tip 2 While writing answers for UPSC Mains, avoid unnecessary jargons or technical terms. Also, restrict the use of cliches. Always remember, quality content is better appreciated than quantity.

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# Tip 3 Present your opinion and write your answers in such a way that they don’t seem biased. Maintain a rational tone while writing answers and have clarity of expression.

# Tip 4 To make your answer more appealing and presentable, split your answers into paragraphs. Also, don’t write too long paragraphs. Do change paragraphs when you shift to a new subject matter.

# Tip 5 Always make sure that your answers are grammatically correct and error-free. You don’t want to annoy the examiner with silly grammar mistakes!

# Tip 6 Write your answers in a style that is good, systematic, error-free, neat, and one that shows your clean grasp of facts and topics.

# Tip 7 It is always recommended to adhere to the word limit of the answer. Try to include all the necessary information in your answer and conclude it within the given word limit.

# Tip 8 Never write long sentences and paragraphs. Prefer simplicity over complexity! Making long sentences increases the complexity of the answers.

# Tip 9 Practice makes perfect! This phrase deserves a special mention for UPSC exam preparation. Unless you do not practice writing answers regularly during UPSC Mains preparation, you won’t be able to score good marks in the exam.

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# Tip 10 Last but not least, make sure handwriting is legible. It should be your job to make the examiner’s job of checking your paper a convenient one.

Follow these UPSC answer writing tips religiously right from the beginning to master the ‘Art of Answer Writing’ and ace UPSC Mains exams with ease.

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