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How to Use Maps & Flowcharts in UPSC Mains Answer Writing

Dec 23, 2021

How to Use Maps & Flowcharts in UPSC Mains Answer Writing

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In the UPSC Mains exam, always make sure that you make the examiner's life easier by writing good quality answers and with a brilliant presentation following the effective usage of flowcharts and diagrams (wherever necessary).

Yes, you read it right! You need to sell your answers by making them more interactive and informative. The right impression to fetch extra marks can only be created by leveraging the benefits of a good presentation.  

Good quality answers are usually a perfect blend of the flowcharts and diagrams, along with impeccable content. Hence, you should practice answer writing with flowcharts during the UPSC exam preparation. 

Why Use Flowcharts and Diagrams in UPSC Mains Answer Writing?

Without an iota of doubt, ingredients such as subheadings, short paragraphs, usage of bullet points, spacing, underlining USPs, handwriting, good vocabulary, are the prerequisites of writing a good quality answer.

However, the one crucial element that differentiates exceptional answers from just “Good” answers, is the optimum usage of Flowcharts and Diagrams. As the old age saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words” resonates with the Mains writing as well.

Flowcharts and Diagrams for UPSC Mains are an excellent tool to substantiate and add more value to the Mains answers. Not only do they bring uniqueness in your answers but also help in explaining difficult concepts easily. As we have mentioned earlier, just make the life of the examiner easy, and he will make yours by granting you one or two extra marks.

Now that we know why to use Flowcharts and Answers, let’s understand How to Use Flowchart for UPSC Mains in an effective way.

How to Use Flowcharts and Diagrams in UPSC Mains Answer Writing?

Using Flowcharts, Diagrams and various other illustrations depends on the type of question asked. For example, if you are asked to write on Government Budgeting or have to evaluate it, you will need to explain the Budgeting part with the help of a simple flowchart like the one given below.

A flowchart is a picture or a diagram showing the steps of a process in sequential order. Below mentioned is a Flowchart from the Governance part.

Example of Flowchart

Example of Mindmaps

A mind map is a graphical or pictorial representation of information, a concept, or an idea. It can be made for any concept or subject. Refer to the example below.

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