If it’s not in QBank 6.0, it’s not important!
Benefit from its best-in-class features
  • Questions distribution as per the latest exam pattern
  • Featuring clinical-based questions
  • Tests comprehension, problem-solving, and analytical ability
  • Detailed explanations for correct and incorrect options
  • Learning objectives added that summarize the key takeaways
What’s Included in FMGE QBank 6.0
Here’s a glimpse of the excellent benefits of using India’s Only Clinical QBank

Dual Format

Practice both clinical and one-liner questions as per the latest exam pattern.

Dual Format

Detailed Explanations

Understand not only the correct answer but also the incorrect answers.

Detailed Explanations by the Dream Team for FMGE

Learning Objective

Get key takeaways from the questions in the form of a quick summary.

Learning Objective for FMGE

Relevant Video Lectures & Treasures

Access tagged video lectures and treasures with every question for quick reference.

Relevant Video Lectures & Treasures
Curated by India’s Top Medical Educators
Prepare for the FMG exam through a vast repository of well-researched and handpicked clinical questions by our subject matter experts. Every question in the QBank 6.0 is vetted and approved by our Dream Team which has a cumulative experience of 100+ years. With over 18,000 MCQs designed as per the latest FMG exam pattern, you can easily cover the entire exam syllabus with utmost proficiency.
FMGE Qbank 6.0 Faculty

Frequently asked questions
Yes, QBank 6.0 is a holistic resource that goes beyond practice and helps with comprehensive learning. It is India's Only Clinical QBank integrated with features that aid comprehensive learning and exam preparation. You benefit from detailed explanations of all the correct and incorrect options, learning objectives, tagged video lectures, and more.
QBank 6.0 is available as a part of our ELITE Plan and PRO Plan. If you wish to prepare from QBank 6.0 only then you can purchase our PRO Plan, which will give you access to India’s Only Clinical QBank, Test Series, Treasures, and PYQs.
The QBank 6.0 is a premium offering available as a part of the ELITE Plan and PRO Plan.
The progress you've made in QBank 5.0 will be undone when you switch to the updated version, and you'll have to start over.
Upon switching to the updated QBank 6.0, all bookmarked questions from QBank 5.0 will be removed. Nonetheless, you can bookmark new questions.
Once you switch to QBank 6.0, your progress stats, along with the trophies and stars you have earned will be reset. However, as you complete the QBank 6.0, you can earn it once more.
The guide mode shows you the solutions to the questions once you attempt them. Similarly, the exam mode will only provide the solution to the questions after you complete the QBank. The solutions will appear once you click on ‘view solutions’ on the analysis screen.