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Frequently asked questions
PrepLadder NEET PG notes cover all 19 subjects and are based on the video lectures by the Dream Team. In addition to that, Notes 6.0 features improved content representation, single-column layout with space for annotations, competency tags, PYQ Tags, integration boxes, and other memory aids that help with quick revision and better information retention.
Only ELITE plan users are eligible to buy Notes 6.0
As usual, updated notes will be available as a soft copy in the app. For a hard copy of Notes 6.0, you will have to buy the notes again.
PrepLadder believes in constantly improving your preparation journey with advanced tools and resources. To that end, we have also updated Notes 5.0 and introduced Notes 6.0, which are packed with tons of new and advanced features to improve your learning experience. Following are the updates in Notes 5.0-
  • Content representation in tables & flowcharts
  • Single-column layout
  • Annotation column
  • Competency tagging;
  • PYQ tagging
  • Integration boxes
  • Chanting Lines
Notes 6.0 will cost INR 8999 8499/- and will be delivered free of cost to users.
The Notes will be shipped only within India.
The option to buy notes without Elite Plan or for a particular subject is not available. You must enrol for the ELITE plan for complete set of 19-subject notes.
The option to buy particular subject/ Prof Notes is not available. We only offer the complete set of 19 subject notes along with Integrated Essentials for an enhanced learning experience.

Note: Only ELITE Plan premium learners are eligible to buy Notes 6.0.
Purchasing hard copy Notes is optional. You can access the soft copy of the NEET PG notes of all 19 subjects on the app.
Purchase of Notes is non-refundable and you can not cancel your order once placed.
No, currently there is no option to add annotations in soft copy notes.
For other queries related to Notes, you can connect to our chatbot by following the steps mentioned below: -
  • Go to the ME tab at the bottom right corner of the home screen.
  • Next, click on Contact Us.
  • PrepLadder Help Center window will open. You can chat with our virtual assistant (Dreamo) and send us your query.
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