QBank 5.0 is not just a Practicing tool; It’s a Learning tool.
Benefit from its best-in-class features
  • Questions distribution as per the latest exam pattern
  • Featuring clinical-based questions
  • Tests comprehension, problem-solving, and analytical ability
  • Detailed explanations for correct and incorrect options
  • Learning objectives added that summarize the key takeaways
Catch a Glimpse of QBank 5.0
Here’s a quick peek at the amazing benefits of using India’s Only Clinical QBank

Clinical Questions

Practice latest exam pattern based clinical questions that cover all key medical disciplines in an integrated manner.


Micro Topics & their Analysis

To help you with the ground-level evaluation of your preparation


Detailed Explanations

Understand not only the correct answer but also the incorrect answers.


Learning Objective

Key takeaways from the questions in the form of a quick summary.


Integrated Treasures

Concise summaries of important topics for quick last-minute revision.

Dream Team Approved QBank
Meticulously handpicked clinical questions by our in-house subject matter experts and approved by our Dream Team. Our best-ever Question Bank for NEET-PG is designed as per the latest exam pattern comprising 20,000 MCQs that cover all key medical disciplines in an integrated manner. The Dream Team has a cumulative experience of 100+ years and is all set to make you NEET-PG ready, are you?
The Finest Study Material to Excel in your NEET PG/INI-CET Preparation
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Frequently asked questions
Yes, QBank 5.0 is a complete preparation tool in itself, featuring the majority of clinical questions. It is India's Only Clinical QBank with detailed explanations of all the correct and incorrect options. QBank 5.0 is also equipped with features like learning objectives and active guidance that are designed to enhance information retention and recall.
QBank 5.0 is a premium feature and is part of the ELITE Plan subscription. However, you can also access the QBank 5.0 if you are an existing Dream Pack premium user. We are currently offering a 10 Day Free trial of QBank 5.0 to all our new users. The trial is available for a limited time only. Also, you must update your app to access the benefits.
Once you switch your QBank from Version 4.0 to Version 5.0, you will not be able to switch back to Version 4.0. For further assistance, you can get in touch with our support team.
The progress made in QBank 4.0 will be reset and you will have to start afresh in QBank 5.0.
All bookmarked questions from version 4.0 will be deleted if you choose to switch to QBank latest exam. However, you can bookmark new questions from QBank 5.0.
All the QBank progress stats will reset, along with the trophies and stars that you earned. You can earn them again as you solve the QBank 5.0.
In guide mode, you can view the solution once you attempt the question. However, in exam mode, the solution of all the questions will be visible after you complete the QBank. To see the solutions, click on ‘view solutions’ on the analysis screen.
We will start the dispatch of notes from March end. We will be sending notes in 2 sets.
We have a separate question bank for FMG students. It is in accordance with the FMG exam pattern.