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How to Answer Clinical Questions in FMGE?

Aug 09, 2016

How to Answer Clinical Questions in FMGE?

Clinical questions are set in the exam with the objective to test the candidate’s ability to apply their theoretical knowledge in a clinical scenario. They widely vary from one liner questions in many ways. A large number of clinical questions are expected in the FMGE exam this year.
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So how to beat these Clinical Questions?

To tackle these questions, one must first understand what the examiner is thinking while setting the paper. Intense analysis carried out by our experts suggest that all the test setters follow the following steps while framing a clinical question: I. Outlining the Clinical Objective Examiners first figure out the topic from which they want to frame a question. Examiners analyse the different topics and decide the topic on which they want to frame the question. One thing which should be noted is that examiners do not put straight forward questions, i.e. questions are framed in a complicated way. For Instance: Diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma or Management of CHF exacerbation. II. Framing the Correct Answer While framing the options, the examiners always write the correct answer in the beginning.

III. Framing the other 3 options The other 3 options called as the distractors are framed next. Most distractors could be the correct answer if the details in the question are slightly changed. Distractors are framed in such a way such that they sound like the correct answer to someone who has not prepared the topic well. Also Read: 3 Month Revision Plan for FMGE IV. Story or Clinical Case is Framed The next step is to frame a  story or a clinical case. The clinical case often contains the diagnosis within it. The clinical case is usually presented in such a way that the diagnosis could change if the details in the question are slightly modified. Then a question may be framed on what would be the likely diagnosis in the particular clinical case.
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Tips to Answer Clinical Questions in FMGE

I. Frame a Diagnosis The foremost thing which must be done while coming across a clinical question is to make a diagnosis. Thereafter, you can answer the question with ease in accordance to what you have diagnosed. For Instance: A 25-year-old female has slightly enlarged liver with no hepatic dysfunction, a mild elevation in serum aminotransferase and  raised serum alkaline phosphatase. Among the following alternatives, which drug could not have caused this condition?
  1. Sulfonamide
  2. Isoniazid
  3. Allopurinol
  4. Paracetamol
The most likely diagnosis in this case would be Granulomatous hepatitis. The question can be easily answered once you are able to figure out the diagnosis. Also read: List of best books for FMGE preparation. II. Read Every Word Cautiously You must read every word cautiously since you are likely to arrive at incorrect diagnosis if some details are omitted while reading. Here’s the Exciting Part: If they tell you something is absent, it is most certainly crucial to make the diagnosis. So pay attention to that. Since, they don’t have a lot of space to explain the case. So if they take time to tell you something is present or absent you can bet that it’s relevant. III. Train Train Train You must train for the test in order to put these points to use. While attempting a mock test, you must try to figure out what the examiner must be looking for while framing the question. Also, think about how the question can be modified so as to make each of the other options correct. Thinking in this way will enable you to engage with the content a lot more and learn  a lot more. Following the aforesaid tips will assist you in streamlining your preparation for Clinical questions of FMGE. Consistent practice and training will help you be much more confident while going for the exam. Best Wishes!! Stay Tuned for the latest updates on FMGE preparation!
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