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How to Attempt 300 Questions in 300 Minutes for FMGE?

Aug 19, 2016

How to Attempt 300 Questions in 300 Minutes for FMGE?

Over the years, the difficulty level of the FMGE exam has significantly increased and candidates often fail in Effective Time-Management in the exam which results in their failure. PrepLadder's tech team has created an exam software that looks and functions exactly like the one used in real FMGE. Our team has also come up with a strategy to use this software effectively and attempt 300 questions in 300 minutes in FMGE.

Strategy for Attempting 300 Questions in 300 Minutes

I. Do not Attempt the Exam in Order Avoid attempting the exam in order since if you get stuck at complex questions you will consume a lot of  valuable time and might end up not completing the exam. You should first attempt the questions which you find easy and are assured of being correct. Try to leave the difficult questions unanswered in the beginning and attempt all the simple questions in the initial phase. II. Read Questions Carefully This is crucial since it can act as a game changer. Missing out a few words in a question can immensely lower your overall performance. Read the question and review all the options carefully. Avoid jumping to conclusions. Pay attention to the negative words such as ‘except’, ‘but’ or ‘not’ since they change the meaning of the question and might change the answer. III. When to 'Mark' a question The software used in the FMGE exam gives you an option to ‘Mark’  the question. Here we highlight the tips on how to use the ‘Mark’ option effectively:
  • In case the question appears completely alien, leave the question unattempted.
  • If you feel that you can eliminate one or two options and can guess, then attempt and ‘Mark’ the question.
  • In case you are confident about the answer, attempt the question but do not ‘Mark’ it.

Time Management Strategy for FMGE exam

The FMGE exam is held in two parts. Each part comprises 150 questions with a time duration of 150 Minutes. We are listing a Time Management Strategy for each part: First 100 Minutes During the first 90 minute go through the complete exam:
  • Attempt the questions which you found easy and are confident of.
  • Take a guess and ‘Mark’ the questions you have a little idea about.
  • Leave the question unattempted if the question appears absolutely alien.
Remember that you have less than 1 minute for each question at this stage so never get stuck on any question. Next 25 Minutes The software used in the FMGE exam provides an option to ‘Review’ your test. Click on ‘Review’ and advance back to the unattempted questions in this time. Read the questions and go through the options thoroughly. Try to make intelligent guesses and use your time judiciously. Attempt all unattempted questions at this time. Remember that there is no negative marking so do not leave any question unattempted. Also read: How to Intelligently Guess an Unknown Answer in FMGE Last 25 Minutes Click on ‘Review’ and move to the ‘Marked and Attempted Questions’. Remember these were the questions of which you were uncertain. In case you feel the need to change the answer to any question, go ahead since the chances of moving from ‘right to wrong’ are 20.2% whereas the chances of moving from ‘wrong to right’ are 57.8% which is almost three times. Do not worry about submitting the exam in time. Software will automatically quit test and submit responses when the timer reaches zero. Perfect this Strategy with Practice Lack of familiarity with the online platform significantly costs in the exam and lowers the overall attempt. Efficient Time Management can only be learned by practicing in a simulated environment.
  • Prepladder’s FMGE Guarantee Pack offers the same software as the real exam.
  • Questions are designed by subject experts and are as per the expected exam pattern.
  • Offers 14,000+ questions
  • Offers a topic- wise improvement plan which helps you to reach the peak of success one test at a time.
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