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How to Score Well in FMGE

Apr 26, 2017

The difficulty level of the FMGE exam has been increasing day by day. Now-a-days, students compare this exam with post graduate level exam because the syllabus for this exam is immense. Lot of hard work and determination will lead you to the road to qualify FMGE. One should put all efforts as there is no room for being hebetude at this stage. That’s why, students should maintain a proper time table with the accurate time management. This blog will be really helpful for all the FMGE aspirants as we will discuss some important points that will take you one step ahead to succeed in FMGE exam. Always remember - “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

1. Make a proper Timetable to study :

A proper time table is mandatory to get success in FMGE. Students should manage their study through a time table which will give them desirable results. It is easy to qualify this exam if you have a good knowledge about the basics and important topics. Also Read : How to Make a Realistic Study Plan for FMGE 2018

2. Frame effective Time management strategy:

Lack of proper management of time is commonly seen in all students preparing for screening exam. Most aspirants are generally facing the problem in completing the scheduled tasks in allotted time period. Therefore, students have to practice more the previous year question papers in assigned time to correct their time management problem. Avoid procrastination and keep away from distractions. Students can constantly practice a large number of online mock tests with stipulated time duration to build up their speed and accuracy which will significantly help them in completing the exam within the allotted time. For time management tips for FMGE - Click here

3. Average time required for preparation:

Many reviews from FMGE toppers reveal that, every day, you have to devote at least 5 to 6 hours in small productive sessions, in order to get a good score in this exam. Try to make study notes of major topics that will save time at the time of revision. Average time required varies depending on skills of every individual but many successful candidates are of view that on an average 6 months consistent preparations are enough to crack FMGE. This exam consists of total 300 questions. Achievable score is considered as 170-200. Also Read: Preparing for FMG Exam : Memory Hacks to Remember All 19 Subjects

4. Study of repetitive topics:

Students should study the repetitive topics with previous year MCQs. It is found that many students preparing for FMGE refer PG entrance books but it is not necessary for FMGE preparation. It is found to be good only for PG preparation. You have to focus on previously asked questions. It is important to memorize and synchronize with previous questions because many repetitive questions are also observed in certain topics. Students must practice the online test series. It was very easy to crack this exam till 2009. But the exam pattern has been slightly changed from 2010. There is no negative marking. Most of them are straight forward questions with one or two lines short stem multiple choice questions with 4 options. Only some of them are having clinical based questions. Some are concept based and some are factual based questions. So, it’s up to you, how you plan and prepare for your exam.  To check the list of important topics for FMGE

5. Study High yield subjects:

Go through previous high yielding topics properly. Try solving MCQs as much as you can as there is tendency for previous year’s questions to repeat. Study smart and identify the important topics from FMGE vantage point. Prepare the important topics meticulously and then advance to less important topics. Avoid banging head on one subject and hence, forgetting the rest. This will just lead to sheer wastage of time. Just concentrate on basics and clarify your concepts. “1 day of revision is worth 4 days of reading”. Make a revision of each subjects/notes prepared every weekend. Regular revision is a must.
FMGE Mock Test

6. Trim down your exam anxiety :

Many students experience some pre-exam nervousness. Most people feel anxious when taking an exam. If you recognize high anxiety in yourself, you can find out various ways to manage it so that it doesn’t take over your exam performance. Exam anxiety may also interfere with your capability to explain your academic and cognitive capabilities. We hope that this blog will boost you to start your preparation and achieve your goal. Prepare prudently… Wish you all the Best… More updates will follow…. Keep following Prepladder…
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