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FMGE Dec 2018. Don’t let these last 45 days go waste!!

Oct 29, 2018

Foreign Medical Graduates Examination is mandatory for Indian citizens, having a medical degree from outside India. The exam is conducted twice a year in the month of June and December. The curiosity to practice medicine in India attracts thousands of candidates to participate in the FMGE exam. With the exam applicants being in thousands, the actual number of candidates who qualify the exam is very low... The FMGE Success rate is just 15%. As per the data available with the government, only 15-16% candidates who appeared for the screening test have passed. This is a matter of concern for foreign graduates. It shows how important it is to clear the FMGE exam. So, now what might be troubling your mind is how to clear the exam in the left out time. Don’t worry! We are always there with the aspirants to guide and help them achieve their dream. The exam being on 14 Dec, don’t let these last 45 days go waste. Here is a Sample Revision Schedule devised by our experts which can help you in making your revision more effective.
Subject Number of Days
Anatomy 2
Physiology 3
Biochemistry 2
Pharmacology 3
Pathology 3
Microbiology 3
Forensic Medicine 2
Ophthalmology 2
Medicine 4
Surgery 4
Pediatrics 2
Obstetrics & Gynaecology 3
Anaesthesiology 1
Radiology 1
Dermatology 1
Psychiatry 1
Dedicate last 2-3 days to revising the Numerical Based values, Formulas & IPC Codes and the Tables of Harrison since they are volatile and difficult to retain. (Go through them at the end of the revision). Further, you need to dedicate a complete day to Revising and understanding the images. Go through all Important Topics, Concepts, Highlights, and Key Points Remember that 45 days is a very short time to be a perfectionist. Therefore, you must completely emphasize meticulously revising all the important topics, concepts, key points, and highlights. Quickly skim through your notes and the highlighted points. Attempt Online Mock Tests Make it a point to attempt atleast 4-5 Mock Tests in a week. Review your performance after each attempt and analyze your strong and weak areas. Strive to minimize your mistakes with each subsequent mock test and also emphasize on enhancing your performance. It contains 40 grand tests and will prove to be beneficial in these crucial 45 days. Attempting one test per day will take you one step ahead of the competitors. Focus on Strengthening Strong & Weak Areas Mocks tests help to figure out your strong and weak areas. You must strengthen your strong areas and attain a fair degree of proficiency in weak areas. Enhancing Time Management Skills and Accuracy You must also emphasize your Time-Management Skills & Accuracy while attempting Mock Tests. For achieving this, it is vital to attempt a large number of Mock Tests. After attempting the Mock Test, review the amount of time you spend per question, the accuracy of the attempt, etc. Take these factors in consideration and strive to improve your Time management with each subsequent Mock Test Attempt. Also, concentrate on improving your Accuracy. Effectively implementing the aforesaid tips will surely help to extract the maximum output from the final 45 days prior to FMGE. Make the most out of your present attempt and don't just depend upon the next attempt. Someone has rightly said, “Don’t stop when you are tired. STOP when you are DONE”
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