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FMGE June 2017 Exam Analysis - Day 1

Jun 13, 2017

Team Prepladder wishes good luck to all the FMGE aspirants who have appeared in FMGE June-2017 with the hope that you attain your goal of qualifying FMGE.


Dear FMGE aspirants, we would like to provide you with a brief idea about Day 1 session of FMGE June -2017. Many students have appeared in this exam and hanker for a qualified score. Let’s get straight towards the analysis of the exam without wasting a little minute for which you are eagerly waiting for.

PrepLadder is the fastest platform to bring forward the genuine Exam Analysis of June Day 1 session of FMGE. Here we are up once again with the Detailed Exam Analysis of the first day of FMGE.

The Detailed Exam Analysis has been compiled as per the genuine reviews of the students who have appeared in FMGE June -2017 (Day1session).

Detailed exam analysis of FMGE June -2017(Day 1 session)

The Detailed Exam Analysis of FMGE June -2017(Day 1 session) is as follows:


Difficult session :

As per the reviews of the candidates, it is observed that the second half of the exam was quite difficult as compared to the first half.


Priority-wise distribution of Questions :

On basis of candidates who appeared in the Day 1 session an estimated detailed priority wise distribution of questions has been formed as follows:


Priority-wise Distribution  


Highest priority


Average priority


Average priority


Average priority


Less priority


Less priority



Few important topics were asked in this exam. We have compiled a subject wise list of such topics :




Bohr effect


CuT380A half life

Death or birth registration

Malaria programme

Antinatal mortality rate formula

First case in community

pharyngeal arch Embryo


Type of Route through which  Infection in brain spread

Vibration is sensed by which cell?

Mastoid Antrim


Carpel tunnel syndrome

Cubital tunnel which muscle connect humerous and ulna


Mc type necrosis in Brain


Cmvretinitis in HIV


Occurrence of social smile


Cancer arising  from atom parotid gland



Neural tube defect



Pattern of Questions :

Based on the reviews of candidates,  ‘One-Liners’ seemed to rule the FMGE exam (Day 1 session). Candidates stated that 80% of questions were based on ‘One Liners’ while only 20% were on ‘Clinical Scenarios’.

Questions were asked on basic fundamentals only, that’s why basic fundamental knowledge is also required to qualify FMGE.


Deciders/ High -weight age subjects :

Deciders or the subjects that carried substantial weight age in Day 1 session of FMGE exam include:

  • PSM
  • ENT
  • Anatomy

PSM contained highest number of questions followed by ENT and Anatomy.

Therefore, candidates, those having grip over these subjects would have attempted the exam pretty well.

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Low- weight age subjects :

The subjects which carried considerably low weight age in Day 1 session of FMGE exam are as follows:

  • Physiology
  • Pathology
  • Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Gynecology
  • Surgery

Image –based Question :

Few image based questions were from these topics :

  • Coral red,
  • Diptheria,
  • Minitussimi.


Direct questions from Prepladder’s Mock Test series :

It is also reported that many questions were directly repeated from PrepLadder’s  FMGE Guarantee Pack and Mock Tests. 

Large number of candidates expressed their gratitude because PrepLadder’s Exam-oriented Test Series helped them a lot in their overall performance by boosting up their confidence level.

We will keep on updating you with the Exam Analysis of the upcoming sessions of FMGE.

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