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FMGE June 2017 Exam Analysis - Day 2

Jun 24, 2017

Day 2 session of FMGE was conducted on 13th June, 2017. Many students have appeared in this exam and they are now hankering for a qualified score. PrepLadder is the best ever podium to bring forward the genuine Exam Analysis of June Day 2 session of FMGE .The Detailed Exam Analysis has been compiled as per the genuine reviews of the students who have appeared in FMGE June -2017(Day 2 session). So, let’s come to the analysis part without any delay. This will definitely succour you a lot during your preparation for the upcoming exam.
FMGE Mock Test

The Detailed Exam Analysis of FMGE June -2017(Day 2 session) is as follows:

Overall difficulty level :

As per the reviews from the candidates appeared in Day 2 exam, it is observed that the difficulty level of this exam on this fateful day was medium. The first half of the exam was considered as difficult and tricky in contrast to the second half which was completely reverse from the Day 1 exam.  Over all, the day 2 exam was found as ‘Moderate to Difficult level’ based on the reviews received from majority of students.  It could have been easily attempted if students were well prepared. 

Deciders/High weight age subjects :

Decider or the Subject that could bring a significant difference to your overall ranking was Biochemistry which was followed by surgery; however, these questions were not so difficult and appeared to be direct. Several questions were also asked from Pathology, Pharmacology and PSM. Therefore, candidates, having grip over these subjects would have attempted the exam very nicely.

Low weight age subjects :

The subjects which carried significantly low weight age in Day 2 session of FMGE exam are mentioned below:
  • Physiology
  • Pathology
  • Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Gyneocology
  • Surgery
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Pattern of questions :

Based on the reviews, it is found that one-liners seemed to rule again the FMGE exam (Day 2 session).It is said that 90% questions were one liner based while 10% were clinical scenario based questions.

Distribution of questions :

It is observed that, more than 40 questions were appeared from PSM and not more than 15 questions appeared from each subject i.e. Pathology and Pharmacology. Biochemistry accounted for more than 20 questions. No questions from Biostatistics and OBG oncology were asked, however, high no. of questions appeared from biostatistics in previous FMGE exam (2016). Direct questions are asked from ENT.

Direct questions from Prepladder’s Mock Test series :

As per reviews, several questions were directly repeated from PrepLadder’s FMGE Guarantee Pack. Large number of candidates expressed their gratitude as PrepLadder’s Exam-oriented Test Series helped them a lot in their overall performance by boosting up their confidence level. Also Read : FMGE June 2017 Exam Analysis - Day 1 We hope that this analysis will give you a brief idea about what to expect in upcoming exam. More Update will follow… Stay tuned with Prepladder….
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