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FMGE January 2023 Exam Analysis

Jan 21, 2023

FMGE Exam Analysis 2023

On January 20, 2023, thousands of foreign medical graduates took the FMG exam in an effort to gain license for practicing medicine in India. While those who participated are anxiously anticipating the results, we are aware that hundreds of keen aspirants are just beginning their preparation process and are ready to hear from their seniors directly about their FMG exam analysis and experience.

Therefore, PrepLadder conducted a thorough exam analysis to find out the difficulty level of the exam, the types of questions that were asked, and other essential details that will aid aspiring candidates in the future. 

FMG Exam Analysis

Here is a brief FMGE 2023 exam review with insightful student comments that will illuminate their entire experience and viewpoint. Use this chance to familiarize yourself with the exam format and learn what to expect.

  1. How would you rate the overall difficulty of the exam?

As per our survey, 63.1% candidates found the exam to be moderately challenging, while 30% said that the exam was difficult. Only a small percentage of 6.9 students found the exam to be easy.

  1. What was the general pattern of the questions?

43.3% questions in the FMG Jan 2023 exam were concept based, while 35.5% questions were clinical. This time around, one liner questions were reduced to a mere 21.2%. Naturally, the recent exam pattern is aligned toward testing clinical knowledge and application bases questions.

  1. Were the questions easy, moderate, or difficult?

Only 4.1% students found the question paper to be easy, while 69.4% candidates found most of the questions to be of moderate difficulty.

  1. Subjects that had low weightage

Following subjects has the lowest weightage in the exam: 

  • Psychiatry 
  • FMT
  1. Which subjects had high weightage?

Following subjects had the highest weightage in the exam: 

  1. How many questions did you attempt? 

92.7% candidates were able to answer maximum questions (150-200), which means aspirants can effectively attempt the entire question paper with time management practices regularly. Solving MCQs daily is a good way to develop time management skills.

  1. Was the exam easy to finish within the allocated time?

According to 85.8% of students who took the exam, it was easy to finish within the allocated time. 

  1. How were difficult questions framed?

As per the candidates, 50% of difficult questions were easy but had confusing options. 

29.5% questions were based on difficult clinical scenarions. 

There were 20% unheard one liner questions as well.

  1. Did you employ any specific strategy during the exam?

We have enlisted some effective strategies that our candidates used in the FMG 2023 exam. Read below: 

  1. Was the All India FMGE Mock Exam by PrepLadder helpful?

According to 80% students, All India FMGE Exam conducted by PrepLadder proved helpful in strengthening their preparations.

11. Was FMGE 2023 Marathon useful for your last-minute exam preparation? 

Similarly, majority of students also benefited from FMGE 2023 Marathon.

12. Tell us about your overall exam experience.

As per the exam analysis conducted by PrepLadder, we have learnt that this year’s FMG exam although was moderately difficult but was clearly more oriented toward testing clinical knowledge. We hope this FMGE 2023 exam review will be helpful for all future aspirants.

Good time-management skills are critical to ace the exam and regularly practicing MCQs is the only way to build it. Lastly, FMG aspirants must focus on strengthening their conceptual knowledge and clinical reasoning. 

Scroll down to read the previous year’s FMG exam analysis. 

FMG Exam Analysis | June 2021

The much-talked Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) 2021 came to an end on June 18th, 2021 with more than 14,000 students appearing for the examination. 

The exam was held amid the doctor’s demand to postpone the examination fearing the COVID situation. However, the National Board of Education refused to postpone the exam and it was finally conducted following the government guidelines & instructions as a part of COVID 19 Appropriate Behaviour. Strict measures were taken to maintain social distancing at the test centers. 

To give you more clarity on how the exam was, its format, and the difficulty level, we have gathered data from 5,000+ students who appeared for the FMGE. The data collected based on the student’s response will further help you to understand the exam standard and what you should anticipate in the upcoming dec FMG Exam. 

Read this exclusive blog and understand what all it takes to ace the FMGE.

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FMGE Elite Plan

FMGE June 2021 Exam Review

Overall Difficulty

  • The exam was MODERATE to DIFFICULT
  • 75.8% students stated that they found the exam the to be of moderate difficult level
  • 17.2% of students rated the exam to be difficult while only 7.0% found it to be easy.

Pattern of Questions

  • Questions were tricky and conceptual
  • IBQs were not framed in the traditional way, rather a new pattern was followed.
  • Easy questions with confusing options
  • One liners were almost negligible

Subjects with high weightage

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Surgery
  • Medicine
  • PSM
  • Ophthalmology

Subjects with low weightage

  • Psychiatry
  • Anesthesia
  • Physiology
  • FMT

How many questions did the students attempt?

No. of questions attemptedPercentage of candidates
150- 2005.6%

Here’s what the students have to say

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74% of students surveyed said that PrepLadder’s All India FMGE Championship exams helped them during the exam

Thank you for the kind words, we wish you a prosperous career.

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