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How to get sure shot success in FMGE 2020 exam

Jun 9, 2020

With the outbreak of COVID-19, the FMGE 2020 June exam has been postponed to August/ Sept 2020. Do not let this news make you fall into the trap of feeling relaxed, thinking that you have enough time for preparation. This blog is an attempt to motivate you and to make you aware of the key points you need to keep in mind for guaranteed success in the FMGE exam.

1. Revision is the key

Make sure to revise two to three times before the actual examination. Subjects such as Pharmacology, Pathology, PSM, Obs & Gynae, and Microbiology should be revised thoroughly as they are essential for the FMGE exam. For other subject videos, if you have already watched them then you can just revise them. If not, then you must go through the Rapid Revision videos.

2. Be thorough with the basics

Clear your basics first. It will be tough to choose a single best response if your basics aren’t clear. Make sure not to cram all the topics in the Rapid Revision. It would be better to understand what the teacher is trying to explain.

3. Compile your studying in a single source

Be careful about the source you choose for studying. Do not make the mistake of referring to multiple sources. A study source has to be: - Reliable - Repetitive Stick with one source, one set of notes for each subject. Study the six important subjects mentioned above from the main videos. Compile your notes, keeping in mind that you will go through these notes in the last 30 days of your exam preparation.

4. Practice MCQs

You must give about 40% of your time practicing MCQs daily. For eg- If you are studying for 10 hours, then you must give a minimum of 4 hours for practicing MCQs. As the time for the exam increases, you must increase the time for practicing MCQs.

5. Study your handwritten notes:

Many students end up borrowing other people’s notes as the exam date draws near. Study your own notes which you’ve prepared after listening to the lectures. Do not read from someone else’s notes. Do not take random notes to start studying as you won’t be able to understand anything. This will make you fall in the pseudo security that you’ve read all the notes. But, question yourself whether you’ve grasped even half of what you’ve studied.

6. Tackling image-based questions

Images are of utmost importance and in the FMGE exam; only the basic image-based question are asked. These questions are easier as compared to the other questions. To solve the image-based questions in the FMGE exam, you need to know only the basic things.  The image discussion in the PrepLadder application is sufficient for solving image-based questions. Read the question properly in your exam and verify it with the image. The majority of the time, the answer is in the question itself.

7. Appear for the grand test

Giving a complete practice test before the FMGE exam is a must. You should be appearing for the grand tests every week. Analyze your performance after giving the grand test. Keep a separate register for grand tests. Appear for the grand test, analyze your performance, and keep a note of all your wrong questions. Solve them in your notebook and review them before appearing for the next grant test. Follow this practice for all the grand tests that you appear to build a routine.

8. Ask your doubts

You have the benefit of asking your doubts from the respective subject teachers on Facebook, PrepLadder Premium Club group. So, make the most of this by putting your questions in a single thread created by all the teachers for the 19 subjects respectively. Don’t get bogged down during these difficult times. Surround yourself with people who will motivate you. Be confident and prepare well for your FMGE 2020(August) exam. Someone has rightly said, "Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you" Best Wishes Team PrepLadder
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