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Introducing Last Resort Revision (LRR)- Your Winning Strategy for FMGE Dec '23

Nov 22, 2023

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What is Last Resort Revision (LRR)?

Last Resort Revision Session Highlights

When Does Last Resort Revision Begin?

Why Attend the LRR Session?

What Not to Expect from LRR?

Who Should Join LRR?

Last Resort Revision for FMGE

Preparing to conquer the FMG Dec ‘23 exam? Are you feeling the weight of the extensive syllabus, and is the race against time making you anxious?

With PrepLadder, leave your worries to rest! 

PrepLadder’s Last Resort Revision or LRR, your winning strategy for the FMG exam is all set to be released on 23rd November, 2023. With LRR, you get access to FREE, LIVE video lectures on YouTube from India’s Top Medical Faculty who have come together to cover the entire FMGE syllabus.

From discussing high-yield topics to sharing effective study strategies and smart tips to manage time, LRR is vital for your success. Ready to kick start your preparation with us? 

Learn about the course, in-depth-

What is Last Resort Revision (LRR)?

LRR is an exceptional 24-day high-speed revision program, in which subject matter experts in all 19 subjects discuss important topics from the exam point of view. 

Relieved, aren’t you? But, wait, this isn't even the best part! 

The “High-Speed Live Revision Classes” are completely FREE

Last Resort Revision Session Highlights

Here below, we have mentioned some key highlights of LRR for FMGE.

  • Exam-focused topics frequently asked in FMGE
  • Key point emphasis for deep understanding
  • Visual aids, images, and mnemonics for engaging learning
  • MCQs after each session for practice
  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) session for clearing doubts

When Does Last Resort Revision Begin?

LRR for FMG Dec '23 kicks off on November 23rd, 2023. Each video lecture will comprise approximately 5+ hours of focused revision for each subject. 

A detailed schedule for LRR is mentioned below - 

PrepLadder 6.0

Why Attend the LRR Session?

Last Resort Revision can significantly enhance your FMG exam readiness. Explore the benefits that LRR offers and understand why attending its sessions is crucial for success.

  • High-Yield Topic Coverage: Achieve command over the most important topics that will make your learning productive. 
  • "Ask Me Anything" Session: With a focus on resolving individual queries, we have an- Ask Me Anything session at the end of the session. So, if any challenging topic has been hard to grasp, let our expert faculties break it down for you effortlessly. 
  • Effective Study Strategies: India’s best medical faculty all in one platform to create effective study strategies that streamline your FMG exam preparation. 

What Not to Expect from LRR?

While you can take your FMG exam preparation up a notch with LRR, it is ideal that you know its limitations. 

  • Supplementary Program: With Last Resort Revision, you can fine-tune your knowledge, provide a final push to your preparations, and enhance your revision. However, the FMG exam will need more than just this to increase your score including consistent hard work and dedication. Sheer dependency on these sessions for scoring good isn't advised. 
  • Top Rank Assurance: LRR can certainly improve your score however, it doesn't guarantee a top rank in FMG exam. Achieving a top position necessitates dedication and hard work on your part.

Who Should Join LRR?

The study course has been tailored to precisely meet the study requirements for FMG exam preparation. Here below is a guideline which will help you decide if this course is right for you. 

For YouNot For You 
Eager to ace the FMG Dec ‘23 exam with  precision? LRR is the ideal, dynamic revision course designed to elevate your preparation.If you're targeting preparing for NEET PG, this isn’t the right course to look up to. We will be launching separate LRR events for other aspirants. 
Crack FMGE Dec '23

Are you ready for an intensive revision course focused towards elevating your preparedness for FMGE Dec ‘23? With Last Revision Resort, get ready to unleash your potential and simplify your journey to success. 

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