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How to Prepare Gynecology & Obstetrics for FMGE

Aug 30, 2016

Gynecology and Obstetrics are two extensive subjects clubbed together under one. Preparing all topics in these subjects is not possible since you need to dedicate most of the time to preparation of Medicine and Surgery. Following a selective approach for Obstetrics and Gynecology would help you to excel in these subjects. Preparing only the selected topics in these subjects is sufficient. This article will cast light on all the important Topics in Obstetrics and Gynecology which are adequate to tackle questions in the FMGE.

Most Important Topics of Gynecology for FMGE

Here is a list of the Most Important Topics of Gynecology:

I. Gynecology Oncology

This is a highly imperative topic from FMGE perspective and must be revised one day prior to the exam. Most Important Sub-Topics
  • Ca Cervix
  • Ca Ovary
  • Ca Endometrium
  • Stages and Stage-wise Treatment of Ca Cervix, Ca Ovary and Ca Endometrium
Our Experts suggest not to memorize the stages. Instead, focus on following a Systematic Study Plan by comparing the Stages and then learning. For Instance: Learn by using the following mechanism: What would be the stage for Ca Cervix, Ca Ovary and Ca Endometrium if Pelvic Node is involved. You must also study Prognostic factors for Gynecology cancers since a question is usually asked from this topic.


This is a very important topic since it serves as the central part of Gynecology. Pathophysiology of PCOS and its treatment is very important. Lab findings are also crucial from examination perspective.

III. Primary Amenorrhea

In this topic, you must lay emphasis on the approach to be followed to treat a patient with Primary Amenorrhea or delayed puberty. Learn on how to differentiate between Androgen insensitivity syndrome, Turner’s syndrome and Mullerian agenesis by examining a case scenario. Learn on how to approach the patient differently if they present with one of these. These topics are more than adequate for answering MCQs based on Gynecology.

Most Important Topics of Obstetrics for FMGE

Here is a list of the Most Important Topics of Obstetrics:

Pregnancy Induced HTN (PIH)

This is a highly important topic of Obstetrics. Prepare the new guidelines of PIH and their definition since the guidelines have changed in 2013. Prepare the definition of Preeclampsia. Prepare the changes made in these topics since it is a hot topic these days. Prepare the drugs which are safe during Pregnancy and the drugs which are unsafe. You must study the drugs which are indicated and contraindicated for Hypertension during pregnancy. You must revise the list of all drug categories.

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)

You must lay special emphasis to the criteria of GDM that has been recently amended. Thoroughly prepare this topic since questions are frequently asked from this topic.

Operative Obstetrics

You need to prepare forceps and ventouse from this topic. You must also learn that which one should be preferred under different conditions.

Cesarean Section

Under this section, you need to focus on vaginal birth after cesarean. You must also focus on when it is indicated and contraindicated.

Reproductive Physiology

In this, questions are asked from topics such as cardiac output peaks and TPR peaks.

Other Important Topics

Topics such as H Mole, Abortions and Ectopic Pregnancy must be thoroughly prepared. You must focus on how to approach them and what must be the protocols under different conditions. You must prepare the approach to be followed when a patient appears with ruptured ectopic and Un-ruptured Ectopic. Also, focus on the investigations which must be carried out and the probable diagnosis for recurrent abortions. Preparing the aforesaid topics would surely help you answer most of the questions from Gynecology and Obstetrics. Stay Tuned for the latest updates!
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