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5 Mistakes To Avoid Before Taking the FMG Exam 

May 03, 2023


The clock is ticking fast for the FMG exam 2023 scheduled for the 30th of July 2023.

All the preparations you’ve been doing for the past year or so boil down to your performance on the exam day. 

Stressful, right? 


Stressing and worrying too much about the exam is bound to interfere with your performance. It will lower your confidence, impair your memory and decrease efficiency. 

Stress is the ultimate cause of several unaccounted mistakes that students make during exams. Want to know what these mistakes could be and how to avoid them? Dive in. 

#1 Lack of sleep

It has been observed that exam stress often makes the aspirants pull “all-nighters” to do some last-minute revisions and recall. While you might think it will help improve your score, what it does is just the opposite. 

Unfortunately, sleep deprivation increases stress and impacts memory, creativity and logical reasoning, which are critical skills for performing well in exams. Besides, the mental tiredness caused due to sleeplessness also decreases focus and leads to several careless mistakes. 

So, make sure you give your brain appropriate rest by sleeping well the night before the FMG exam. 

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#2 Rushing Through Questions or Getting Stuck on Tough Questions

As mentioned earlier, stress can affect your ability to focus and concentrate. As a result, when you are sitting in the exam hall with the question paper in hand, you might end up making silly mistakes. 

Some students rush to answer the questions without reading the question thoroughly. At the same time, some just get stumped on seeing a trick question and end up spending too much time trying to figure it out. 

Patience is the key here. Read & understand the question carefully. And remain calm and composed so that you can attempt the exam strategically.

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#3 Second-guessing Yourself 

Here’s a common scenario a majority of students face when giving an exam - they think that they know the right answer but fear they could be wrong. This lack of confidence and confusion also stems from stress.

You must know that trust and self-confidence play a key role in ensuring that you attempt the entrance exam with minimal mistakes and errors. Think carefully and commit to an answer. Also, do not go back to review it again unless you have a very strong reason to reject your first answer.

DO NOT second guess yourself and work through the questions calmly and methodically. 

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#4 Losing Track Of Time

Another common mistake students make on exam day is not keeping track of time. However, it’s crucial to manage your time effectively, so you attempt the most number of questions and maximize your chances of scoring better. 

The trick is to skip any complicated questions, so you don’t waste time. You can always revisit them once you're done. Another critical thing to remember is switching between sections when required. 

To manage your time effectively, read the entire question paper carefully, identify your strong areas and weak ones, then start attempting strategically. 

#5 Re-reading the notes 

It has been observed that the majority of students spend the last day (and night) before exams re-reading and revising their notes. However, it is an ineffective strategy. It simply adds to your stress, which is detrimental to your performance. 

Remember, if you have already prepared well, covered your course syllabus, and taken an ample number of mock tests, then you are ready for the final exam. 

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Bonus Tip

Make sure you pack everything you need the night before. Also, triple-check your alarm, and make arrangements to reach the exam center at least 30 minutes early.

FMGE is a crucial exam. Don’t let these easily avoidable mistakes hamper your chances of success. 

At PrepLadder, we understand that a student’s best efforts can also go awry if he makes mistakes that could be avoided. Therefore, we focus our teaching approach and strategies on ensuring all aspects of your FMG exam preparation are covered.

PrepLadder wishes good luck to all the students appearing for the FMG 2023 exam. 

Also, if you are targeting the FMG 2023 exam, make sure to download the PrepLadder app to access top-notch learning tools and high-yield content. 

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