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7 hacks for better FMGE Preparation

Aug 04, 2016

7 hacks for better FMGE Preparation

Over the years, the difficulty level of the FMGE exam has increased significantly. Candidates are often stated saying that the exam has attained a post-graduate level and are apprehensive of the vast syllabus of the FMGE exam. Keeping the candidates’ concern in mind, we have devised this article which will list 7 hacks which will enable you to be better prepared for FMGE.
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7 Hacks for Better FMGE preparation

I. Focus

Focus is a critical factor in determining your success in the FMGE exam. Having a clear focus on the end goals motivates a person to study more than their will power. You can only get through the FMGE exam if you retain your focus throughout the preparation. But do not misunderstand focus with being always worried about studies and forfeit normal life. Remain attentive towards your studies and keep away from distractions. Also Read: How to motivate yourself to start your FMGE preparation

II. Prefer Smart Work to Hard Work

Smart work should be preferred to hard work since hard work is not sufficient in itself to get through the FMGE exam. Work smartly and scan through the previous year papers and identify the important topics of each subject from FMGE perspective. Prepare the important topics thoroughly so that you can answer any question related to that. Advance to the less important topics in the later stages. This will yield boosted results with optimum effort.

III. Do not Refer to Multiple Sources for the same topic

This acts as a major hurdle in preparation for a majority of candidates since they often refer to too many sources for the same topic. Referring to too many sources is a sheer wastage of time since it leaves the candidates perplexed and candidates get uncertain of which book to prefer for each topic. This practice must also be avoided since different authors use different ways to explain the same concept. Also read: List of best books for FMGE preparation.

IV. Frame Effective Time Management Strategy

Most aspirants face problems in completing the scheduled tasks in time. Also, candidates often fail to complete the exam within the allotted time. Frame a schedule and strive to complete the tasks within the designed schedule. Avoid procrastination and keep away from distractions. Consistently practice a large number of online mock tests with a stipulated time duration to build up your speed and accuracy. This will greatly aid in completing the exam within the time duration. Also Read: 3 Month Revision Plan for FMGE

V. Figure out your Targeted Attempt

Since there is no negative marking in FMGE, candidates must try to attempt as many questions as they can but must keep the accuracy factor in mind while attempting the exam. This implies that candidates must attempt questions which they are confident of . In the case of questions which seem completely alien, try to make intelligent guesses by reviewing the options and eliminating the most irrelevant ones. This will increase your chances of getting them right. Also read: 7 Tips to crack FMGE in First Attempt

VI. Attempt Mock Tests and Track Performance

The key to success in the FMGE exam is Practice. Practice implies taking a large number of mock tests. This will assist you in developing familiarity with the online platform and also expose you to a wide variety of questions. You must also work on your speed and accuracy and try to enhance them with each attempt. Take subject-wise tests to attain expertise in each subject. Also, check your performance after each attempt and work on your weaker areas. Attempt at least 1 full-length tests each day in the last one month prior to the FMGE exam.

VII. Take Regular Breaks

Sitting for long hours in the same position would only drive you crazy. Take regular breaks within the study hours. Eat protein-rich snacks and energy boosting drinks in the breaks. Play sports and take adequate sleep in order to refresh yourself. This will boost up your energy level and will motivate you to study. The aforesaid hacks have been practiced and preached by toppers and will surely help the aspirants to get through the FMGE if implemented efficiently. Stay Tuned for the latest updates on FMGE preparation!
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