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7 Tips to Crack FMGE in First Attempt

Jul 28, 2016

7 Tips to Crack FMGE in First Attempt

Over the years, the difficulty level of FMGE has gone up  considerably. Candidates often claim that the FMGE is of the ‘post-graduate’ level nowadays.

Despite securing top-notch medical education abroad, a candidate must prepare with an increased level of intensity since there is no room for blunders at this stage.

This article will cast light on 7 tips which the aspirants must follow in order to crack FMGE.

FMGE Mock Test

7 Tips for FMGE Preparation

1. Master the Syllabus

Candidates must cover the entire syllabus during FMGE Preparation. Avoid selective study and pay equal emphasis to all subjects. Do not follow short cut study methods like focusing on only certain subjects and omitting the others since you cannot afford to take such a risk at this stage.

A focused and dedicated preparation will yield results for you.

2. Take Notes

You must develop the habit of taking notes since they will serve as a quick reference guide. When exam preparation reaches its peak, one does not get enough time to go through the entire topic.

Taking notes will also facilitate faster and better retention.

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3. Work on Weaker Areas

Most of the aspirants concentrate only on the strong areas and leave the tough and uninteresting topics for the last.

This greatly impacts your overall performance in the exam. Identify the weaker areas and devote ample amount of time studying them.

Just remember that you cannot afford to leave topics since every mark counts in the end.

4. Be Consistent with Your Revision

Revising the topics at regular intervals ensures that information is retained at the time of the exam.

Since a high volume of information is processed, you must revise the main topics once or twice.

Frame your study schedule in such a way that you have enough time for completing at least two rounds of revision.

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5. Attempt Maximum Number of MCQs

No matter how well-prepared you are, high speed and accuracy are the key drivers of success in FMGE. You must attempt a variety of MCQs on different topics. This will help you identify your weak and strong areas.

This will help you work on your weaker areas and improve your speed and accuracy side by side.

Attempting a higher number of MCQs will increase your chances of scoring high in the exam.

6. Attempt Mock Tests

Mock Tests are a great way to evaluate where you stand in terms of preparation. Attempting mock tests with a stipulated time period will help you identify the areas where improvement is required.

Checking your performance after attempting the mock test will provide a real-time feedback as to how to improve your test taking under time constraints.

7. Refrain from Using ‘Too Many’ Study Resources

You must not refer to a large number of study resources since this will leave you confused.

Refer to good quality books and do not change your study material based on someone’ feedback.

Remember, the thing which really counts is the way you utilize your limited study resources to your advantage.

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Remember, a focused and dedicated preparation in a consistent manner is sure to yield results. Stay optimistic and confident.

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