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FMGE: Key Points to Remember in Examination Hall

Jun 27, 2019

Exam day is the day that decides your destiny. Last minute panic situations can extremely reduce confidence levels which can then affect performance in the exam. FMGE exam being quite tough, candidates tend to lose their interest on the day of the exam. Candidates get anxious and ultimately are crestfallen. For some, exam halls are like dungeons. One must accept the fact that examinations are just a way to assess your preparations and so there is no need to get all stressed and anxious. Through this blog, we will acquaint you with the important things that need to be remembered in the examination hall.

1) Overcome Exam Anxiety

First and foremost is your behavior during the exam. Try not to panic and become anxious. This will just muddle up the things and can lead you to forget things which you may have learned. Remember it’s just an exam and not the end of your world. Keep your body and mind relaxed. Think in mind that you will do your best in the exam. Believe in yourself because “If you believe you can, you’re halfway there”. To know how to stay motivated- Click Here

2) Don’t Get Confused

Mostly, the examiner has a predilection to put difficult questions in the beginning to confuse the candidate.  Don’t be disheartened in the first 15-20 mins as it takes time to recollect what all have you studied. Just go through the paper and build confidence by reckoning the questions you can easily answer and are clear in your mind.

3) Look for Tricks

It’s highly recommended to go through the paper carefully. There may be hidden tricks that you may ignore due to exam anxiety. Your answer may differ if you misinterpret the question. For instance, a question like “which of the following is true except” may be misread and the word ‘except’ is mostly overlooked which will definitely lead to an incorrect answer. So try not to skip even a single word in the question.

4) Opt Wisely

Don’t jump to conclusions instantaneously. Take your time and go through each given option one by one. Carefully read the first option and rule out as you go through each option. Be quick but don’t hurry. Also Read: Preparing for FMG Exam : Memory Hacks to Remember All 19 Subjects

Do not forget to carry the following:

The following things are required to be carried to the exam centre:
  1. Admit card with your photograph affixed on it.
  2. Original ID proof
Your ID proof can consist of any of the following:
  • Aadhar card (with the photograph)
  • PAN card
  • Voter’s card
  • Driving License
  • Passport
a) Just make sure you carry original ID with the photo clearly visible on it b) The name on the ID must match with the name as seen in the Admit card. c) If there is a change in name carry supporting documents. d) If you are carrying an e-Adhar card, go for a colored printout. e) Do check the validity of your ID proof i.e it should not be an expired one.

Don't carry the following:

You should not carry the following things to the examination hall:
  • Items like wallets, glares, handbags, cap, belt, etc.
  • Ornaments including earrings, rings, bracelets, etc.
  • Any stationary item pen, paper, eraser, notes, etc.
  • Any eatable items, water bottles, soft drinks, etc.
  • Any electronic devices such as mobile phones, Bluetooth, earphone wrist watch, etc.
  • Any other item which could be used for unfair means, for hiding communication devices like wireless/Bluetooth device, spy camera etc.

Other Important Things

  • The exam starts exactly at 9:00 AM and you are required to report 2 hours prior to the reporting time i.e 7:00 AM.
  • Allocation of time for FMGE 2019 shall be as follows:
Activities Part A (9-11:30 AM) Part B (2 PM- 4:30 PM)
Allow candidates to enter the examination centre and commence Biometric Registration 7 AM 12 PM
Entry closes at Examination Center 8:30 AM 1:30 PM
Grant access to Candidate Login 8:45 AM 1:45 PM
Candidates log in to read instructions 8:50 AM 1:50 PM
Exam Start Time 9:00 AM 2:00 PM
Exam End Time 11:30 AM 4:30 PM
Go and give your best shot. No need to panic, trust your preparations and abilities. You have really worked hard and will surely be able to qualify the exam. Go make it happen NOW because it’s never too late to be awesome. Best Wishes!! Team PrepLadder
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