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Apr 08, 2017

Prepladder wants to share a good news for all the Indian students studying abroad. We are sharing a recent  information related to a portal, specially launched for those Indian students who are studying abroad. As we all know, Indian students studying abroad are deprived of proper communication and networking with Embassy and the Ministry of external affairs. For this reason, these students are misleaded by various fraud organizations from where they are getting false information related to their papers. These organizations also ask for money from those students for their paper in terms of fine. Also Read : 3 Month Revision Plan for FMGE

What is MADAD?

The Minsitry of Foreign Affairs, India has launched a registration module named, MADAD to minimize  those fradulence. This registration module is used to keep record of Indian students studying abroad. After registering on this website, the complete history of all his/her complaints will be thoroughly maintained online for further reference.

Why MADAD is important?

This registration module is thought to be a communication tool among the Indian students studying abroad with the Embassy and the Ministry of External affairs. It may provide all kinds of assistance and help in emergencies from the Govt of India. By registering at, students can get proper communication along with student-related services of the Embassy. Therefore, Indian students studying abroad will definitely get benefit by using this portal and may get rid of those fraudulent calls from which they are usually suffered. More Updates Will Follow.. Keep Following Prepladder!!
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