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How to motivate yourself to prepare for FMGE

Aug 01, 2016

How to motivate yourself to prepare for FMGE

Studying for FMGE is not always an easy task. Most of the candidates find studying for FMGE as one of the most herculean tasks since the syllabus is very vast and the difficulty level is very high. This article will cast light on Effective Tips by which a candidate can motivate himself/herself for FMGE preparation.
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Tips to Motivate Yourself for FMGE preparation

Set Clear Objectives

This is the foremost step prior to commencing any preparation. You must figure out what you need to accomplish and set clear career goals. Attaining a clear picture of your career goals will itself act as a motivator. Also read: 7 Tips to crack FMGE in First Attempt

Think about the Outcome, Forget the Hard Work

You must introspect about the outcome of getting through the FMGE exam. Think about how your life will change after qualifying FMGE and what peaks you can achieve once you get through. Do not get apprehensive of the hard work involved. Introspect about how qualifying FMGE will transform your life and the top-notch opportunities it will offer. This will serve as a motivator in itself!

Suffer the Pain of Discipline or Suffer the Pain of Regret

One thing which is sure is that one needs to suffer in order to excel in something. A person needs to figure out what type of suffering he prefers Suffering the Pain of Discipline Prior to the Exam Follow a rigorous study schedule, devote your 100% to FMGE, attempt mock tests and get through the exam with flying colors.


Suffering the Pain of Regret After the Exam

Procrastinate, waste time on social media, hang out with friends, play sports and repent once the results are out.

Read Success stories

Reading success stories of previous FMGE qualifiers will help you to motivate yourself for FMGE preparation. If possible, get in touch with the previous FMGE qualifiers and grab knowledge about the ways in which they motivated themselves for FMGE preparation. Also read: Success story of Dr. Sumita and how she doubled her FMGE score in 6 months.

Read Motivational Quotes & Watch Videos

One effective technique to motivate yourself is to go through inspirational quotes and videos. Going through motivational videos and quotes will greatly serve as a motivator in FMGE preparation.

Remain Focused on Your End Goals

If you really serious about your goals, then no type of distraction can deflect you from your goals. Think about the outcomes and retain focus on your goals.

Avoid procrastination

The habit of delaying studies for future will surely lead you into trouble. You must keep away from procrastination.
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Here are some tips to avoid Procrastination:

Create a ‘To-Do List’ Although it seems to be an outdated technique, you must prepare a list of the topics to be covered each day. Then preparing for FMGE through the day, go through the list. This will generate an overall sense of pride while monitoring the diminishing list of topics and will keep you away from procrastination. Also Read: 3 Month Revision Plan for FMGE Remove the Distractions Keep your cell phone, laptop and other distractions away while preparing for FMGE. You must then focus on everything which is supposed to be done and procrastination will automatically vanish away. Finish the Difficult Stuff in Time If you feel that there is a giant or a large topic which is captivating your attention and leaving you unproductive in other areas, you must complete it first. Completing the largest topic will boost your confidence and make you extra productive in completing the other tasks efficiently. Take Short Breaks Avoid sitting in the same position for too long and refresh yourself by taking short breaks in between. Take protein rich snacks and energy boosting food in between. Play sports and refresh yourself. We are sure that the above-listed tips will definitely help the aspirants to keep themselves motivated for FMGE preparation.

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