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PrepLadder Reinvented: User Guide | Your Guide To Uninterrupted Learning

Jan 28, 2022

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Understanding the features of the Prepladder App




QBANK-The Gold Standard Question Bank

Subject-Wise Segregation of the QBank

Custom Module




Understanding the features of the Prepladder App


It goes without saying that the first step is getting the Premium Subscription to the pack of your choice for the desired course.

After stepping into this world of perfect learning, the first place you visit is the Home Screen, which is home to the following features:

The Number Of QBanks Completed

Videos Watched

Tests Completed So Far

Longest Streak

Current Streak

Featured : Carousel with featured links to interesting and important things

Question Of The Day

Stand Out Features

Treasures- A treasure is a collection of significant diagrams, tables, charts, lists, and info-graphics to ensure effective revision and retention of information.

Notes- Compilation of soft copies of exam-relevant notes based on the video lectures.

Saved Videos

Custom Module

Bookmarks- These include all the Videos, QBanks, or Notes bookmarked by a user.

Previous Years’ Questions

Please note that these options may differ depending upon the course you have chosen.

Suggested Videos: Suggestions on what you should watch next based on your learning journey and previous choices.

Quiz Of The Day: A new quiz awaits you every day. Not only that, you may receive surprise gifts for your participation and achievements.

Suggested Questions: The suggestions are based on your progress as an app user and the nature of your exam preparation journey.

Links To Blogs And News Relevant To Your Exam Preparation


The video lectures by the Dream Team have helped many learners across the country to turn their dreams into goals and those goals into inspirational realities. Let their expertise and extensive experience help you own your dreams!

In this section, you find:

Saved Videos- The videos downloaded by a user.

Recent Videos- The new additions to the list of videos on the app.

If your course/target competitive is NEET-PG, you will come across the following options:

  • Rapid Revision
  • Snapshots
  • Integrated Essentials

To learn more about Rapid Revision and Snapshot, click here.Subject-Wise Segregation + Educator Names- Upon clicking on the subject of choice, the user can access a treasure house of knowledge enclosed in the video lectures on the specific subject.

Filters: These filters help the user to pick from where they left (paused), have clarity on everything included in the video section (all), the recent additions (new), and the videos that have not started (not started).

Language Switch- The option to change the language is available if it is applicable to a user’s target exam/course.

Subject Index- To enable you to access subject-specific:

  • Treasures
  • Bookmarks
  • Notes


It’s as simple as it can get. Just click on the video of your choice and begin watching!

You can bookmark the video, click on the star icon to mark it as important or use the question mark icon if you have doubts that require resolution.

Slides- These aid in better understanding of the topic and are used by the educators to explain a given topic in the best possible way.

Complete the video- The video is marked as Completed if you have finished watching it. If you are aware of the topic discussed in a given video and have a complete understanding, you can click on this icon at any point in the video.

Notes- These notes are based on a given video lecture and help you quickly go through everything you have learned in the video.

Download the video- If a user wishes to download a particular video to watch it later offline, they can use the download icon to do that.

Video Settings- The video settings allow a user to:

  • Change the resolution
  • Increase or decrease the speed of a video lecture.

Feedback- Have an opinion on the video? The option of 9. Feedback allows you to share that with us!

Timestamps- These allow you to look for subtopics within the video.

QBANK-The Gold Standard Question Bank

PrepLadder’s Question Bank is not an ordinary list of multiple-choice questions; it’s a sea of exam-relevant questions that will help you climb the ladder of success, one practice session at a time. 

You will come across some similar features as the ones found in the Video Section, as explained above. 

Considering how every moment of your time is valuable, we will skip the features already mentioned.

PrepLadder 6.0

Subject-Wise Segregation of the QBank

Answers with detailed explanations are provided for every question you attempt.

Pause Icon- This helps you check your progress in a given practice test while you are still taking it, as it includes the number of correct answers, number of incorrect answers, and unanswered questions.

Settings- Settings help you-

Change the mode to Dark or Light.

Turn the question timer on or off.

Turn the appreciation message on or off (A user receives appreciation messages after three consecutive correct responses. These serve as sources of motivation to keep going and make progress in your journey.)

Change the Font Size.

Past Year Questions - A meticulous compilation of the questions asked in the previous years’ exam papers. This section helps you understand the exam pattern and gives a direction to your preparation plan.

Custom Module

  • Saved Custom Module
  • Create New Custom Module

New Custom Module: You can create a custom module based on the following factors:

  • Number of Questions
  • Difficulty Level- Easy, Medium, or Difficult.
  • Subject
  • Bookmarked Questions, Incorrect Questions, Previously Unanswered Questions, Previously Attempted Questions
  • Topic
  • Tags
  • QBank Mode or Test Mode: In the QBank Mode, there are correct answers, along with detailed explanations. By picking the Test Mode, you actually appear for the test as there is a timer, and the answers are provided at the end of each question. Instead, you can check the correct answers at the end of the test.

A user can create 15 modules in a day and 300 modules in a month. They also have the option of sharing it with their friends. 


The tests on the PrepLadder app have been developed by experts who have achieved great success in their respective fields and know how to bring out the best in the learners.

Mock Tests- Developed and designed by the esteemed members of the Dream Team. They mirror the actual exam pattern and help you get closer to your final goal, one test at a time.

View Progress

Live & Upcoming Tests

Subject Tests- Subject-wise division of the tests to help you prepare for your target exam by covering every subject systematically.

Past Years’ Exams- A collection of the actual question papers from the previous years.


One of the new inclusions of the new version of the app, this tab is all about YOU!

If you use the PrepLadder to prepare for more than one exam, you can switch the course in this section.

Doubts- This section directs you to the PrepLadder’s Premium Club on Facebook. Here, you can discuss your doubts, and the Dream Team will resolve them to help you get better clarity.

Daily Quiz

Help- This section includes answers to the frequently asked questions. Also, you can access the contact details to reach us.

Settings- This option allows you to

  • Change the video quality.
  • Change the video speed, and more.

 Stats: This section includes the following details:

  • Total minutes spent on watching videos.
  • The number of modules completed.
  • The number of questions answered.
  • The number of tests completed.


  • Current Streaks
  • Longest Streaks

View Learning Timeline- This section includes daily and weekly progress made by the user.

Friend List- This section allows you and your friends to engage in group study sessions. To learn more about this, click here.

You have the tutorial, and you have the opportunity to learn in a way that promises triumph. So, don’t let anything come in your way of initiating an impeccable exam preparation journey. 

Download the app now and start exploring the fantastic changes that await you! When we say it is better than ever before, we mean it!

Watch this video for better understanding:

Rapid Revision 5.0

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