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Road to FMGE

Mar 18, 2017

FMGE June 2017 exam is now approaching. With only 3 months left for the preparation, it is certainly a crucial time for the aspirants. A great degree of effort is required to be invested to qualify the tough FMGE exam, yet, there are aspirants who do not feel motivated and often procrastinate and end up failing in the exam. It is obvious that studying is one of the toughest tasks and monotony can easily overpower you several times during the preparation. However, you can only be successful in your motives if you conquer the tough exam. Through this blog, we will provide you some tips on how to motivate yourself for FMGE preparation.
FMGE Mock Test

FMGE Preparation: Its’ Now or Never

We will now provide some tips on how to remain motivated for the upcoming FMGE preparation:

1. Introspect and Figure Out your Career Objectives

Having your career goals crystal clear is of utmost importance. Urge to attain your goals only comes when a person’s final objectives are clear in front of his eyes. You need to introspect and figure out what you need to accomplish in life. Setting clear career objectives will be a motivator in itself. Therefore, the first step should be to frame clear career objectives and only then anything can be accomplished in life. If you consider that you have invested in a lot of efforts in getting your Primary Medical qualification and you deserve a much better place than your current position, it will serve as an ultimate motivator for FMGE preparation.
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2. Follow a Study Schedule

3 months time is too short to take things for granted and proceed without a proper plan. An effective schedule is vital to ensure that preparation for the exam is on track. The syllabus can only be completed within the 3 month time if you stringently follow a study schedule.

3. Figure Out the Type of Pain you wish to Suffer – Pain of Suffering or Pain of Regret

It is very obvious thing that one has to suffer to achieve something. However, the kind of suffering you select for yourself is up to you. It is your wish to either suffer the ‘Pain of Discipline’ or the ‘Pain of Regret.

Pain of Discipline

You will have to suffer the Pain of discipline while preparing for the exam. This will involve putting in your 100% efforts to FMGE preparation, follow a stringent schedule, practicing Mock Tests and qualifying the exam with ease.

Pain of Regret

Your defeat will be quite obvious if you just waste your time in leisurely activities, procrastinate often and do not put in the requisite amount of effort. Failure in this case will be quite obvious and you will regret later on as to why didn’t you put in efforts when you had time in your hands.

4. Read Success Stories and Take Guidance from FMGE Qualifiers

Blind preparation is not the correct approach for any exam. Reading Success stories will familiarize you with what all is required to qualify the tough ‘FMGE’ exam. Success Stories will familiarize you with preparation tips, good books, shortcuts and other aspects. It is also worthy to take tips from previous FMGE qualifiers that will familiarize you with what all needs to be done to qualify the exam.

5. Follow ‘Smart & Selective Approach’

3 month span is too restricted to study the entire syllabus. Therefore, a ‘Smart & Selective Approach’ serves the best when it comes to preparation in a short time span. Study the most important topics from FMGE perspective and do not aim at completing the entire syllabus. More Updates will follow. Stay Tunedǃǃ
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