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Tips and Tricks to Clear FMGE

Apr 03, 2017

In the last blog, we familiarized you with the importance of clearing FMGE exam in order to be eligible for starting your professional life in India. Thus, if you wish to clear this exam, this is the right time to start your preparation. Nowadays, there has been a significant increase in the difficulty level of FMGE exam. Therefore, you should prepare wisely. We often get queries about how one should prepare in order to clear this exam. Through this blog, we will provide you with all the important tips and tricks that will surely help you to clear this exam, if you follow them properly.  
FMGE Mock Test

Tips for clearing FMGE exam:

1. Master the syllabus

The most important tip is to know the syllabus thoroughly. Once you get familiar with syllabus, half of the job is done. It has been noted that even less than 50% of topics are asked in the exam, so it is beneficial to prepare those topics properly.

2. Make your own notes

You can get plethora of books to prepare but still making your own notes plays an important role as it tends to serve as a quick reference and you can easily as well as quickly retain whatever you have studied. These handy notes prepared after intensive reading sessions will surely save your time at the peak time of revision.

3. Work on your weak areas

Normally, candidates commit this mistake of preparing only those topics in which they are strong and neglect the weak ones. One should devote proper time to both strong as well as weak topics in order to succeed. You should identify such areas and start preparing them beforehand so that you don’t leave any stone unturned. Always remember that every single mark is crucial for you.

4. Be consistent in your revision

If you just prepare your syllabus once without any revision, there are chances that you will forget the concepts or you may get confused in the options provided for the question. Thus, it is very important to revise the topics you have prepared in a regular manner. The more you revise, better the chance of retaining important information. It is always beneficial to go back and read the main points as many times as you can on the basis of time left for the exam. Make your timetable accordingly that you are left with plenty of time for revision. Also Read : How To Revise Effectively For FMGE

5. Attempt maximum number of MCQS

No matter how hard you have studied, attempting an exam is totally a different ball game altogether that demands precision and speed to score well.  Attempt maximum number of MCQ questions from the portions which will give you a clear idea about the nature of questions mostly asked. This can help you not only improve your speed but can also help remedial measures that will facilitate to strengthen your weak areas. Higher the number of MCQS practised, higher the chance of clearing exam.

6. Attempt mock tests

Attempt mock tests as much as you can as it is a great way to figure out where you stand in terms of preparation. Candidates who are preparing in any coaching centre, mock tests are a regular feature one should use to the fullest. Buy online test series and keep practising. This will increase your speed to attempt the exam and will provide you with real time feedback as how you can improve your test taking under a time constraint. Also Read : Importance of Online Mock Tests for FMGE

7. Refrain from using too many study resources

Many candidates have a wrong perception that larger the number of study material referred, greater the chance of scoring high. Rather, the reality is this will only create confusion and will leave you disoriented. It is important to make sure that you are using books by authoritative authors. No book will guarantee total success. What guarantees your success is how you utilize your limited study resources to your advantage that counts.  

Tricks for clearing FMGE exam:

Other than the tips mentioned above, we would also like to share some tricks that will also ease and help to clear your exam. These tricks are as follows: 1. First and foremost trick is to revise your syllabus atleast 3 times before taking exam. For this, you need to plan a proper schedule like what and when to revise. If you will follow this trick, surely your chances of clearing the exam will increase. 2. Don’t start any new topic one or two days before your exam. This crucial time is just for revision and practising. 3. Most probably, last week before the exam is a time where one gets so anxious and gets confused about what to do and what not to do. We will provide you with last week plan for revision according to subjects:
  • One day preparation for PSM 
  • One day preparation for PROAFS 
  • One day preparation for Clinical subjects (Medicine, Surgery) 
  • One day preparation for Pre-clinical subjects (Anatomy, Physiology, Biochem) 
  • One day preparation for Pre-clinical subjects (Pathology, Pharma, micro) 
  • One day preparation for Clinical subjects (Opthal. Obs and Gyne) 
  • One day for other subjects like, ENT, FM, Pediatrics. 
  • One day final revision for all subjects. 
4.There is an advantage, that there is no negative marking in this exam. Therefore, first attempt those questions you are sure of but don’t leave other questions. Attempt those questions as well you are not sure of as there is no negative marking. 5.While answering the questions during exam, read all the options provided. And try to read the option from below to upward. Usually, we read upward to below and     normally 1st or 2nd option feels to be the correct one. But this is a trap; you should read all the options and then decide accordingly which option to choose. If you think 1st option is the correct one, still go through the other options, be sure and then mark your answer. To have more glance at how to attempt MCQs in FMGE exam: Click Here 6.Last but not the least trick is to be confident. If you have worked hard, prepared well then there is no need to be under confident. Just give your best and stay confident and optimist throughout the whole process. There is no shortcut when it comes to success. Hard work with little smartness is all you need. A genuine effort with an optimist vision surely yields a positive result. Hope this blog will help you in clearing your exam. All The Best!!   More Updates Will Follow Keep Following Prepladder!!
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