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Hardwork is the Key to Crack FMGE -says PrepLadder alumni Dr Aniket

Jan 12, 2017

PrepLadder congratulates Dr. Aniket Sonarkar on Clearing the FMGE exam. We wish him all the best for his career and future ahead. In this exclusive interview with PrepLadder, he shares the plan that worked for him to help to get a wonderful score in FMGE.

Hello, please tell us something about yourself.

Hi Doctor, Myself Dr. Aniket Sonarkar. I did my graduation from Rostov State Medical University from Russia. I got 154 in DEC 2016 session.

What do you think is the correct approach to study for FMGE? Only MCQ's or Theory+MCQ's?

First and the most important thing is concept, this means theory is very important. I would advice everybody to first have your concepts clear then attempt MCQ's, because in exam there will only be few direct questions and rest will be clinical based questions. Thus, don’t simply mug up MCQs, its totally a waste. The only thing that will help is making your basics and concepts strong and then going for MCQs for practice. At last, I would like to say that First study theory and then MCQs.

When should the preparation ideally be started?

Ideally, preparation should start when you are in 5th or 6th year of graduation, but practically its not possible so i'll say 6 month is enough if you are able to give 14 hrs a day.

Please list the books you studied for each subject.

I took coaching from MIST and read some DIAMS hand written notes.

Have you attempted FMGE previously? If yes, what did you do different this year that lead to your success

Yes I attempted FMGE earlier. I knew that MCI is raising the standard of exam session by session. So I started my preparation according to that. I studied regularly for 12-14 hrs a day. For the last few days I prepared 18 hrs a day.

How big is the role of practice and revision while preparing for FMGE and how much time should be dedicated for it?

Revision and hardwork are the only key for success. I started revising in last 2 months. You need to revise each subject at least 2 times, because each and every mark decides the future.

Did PrepLadder play a part in your success? If yes, how?

Yes of course PrepLadder played an important role in my success. In my free time I used solve PrepLadder questions. Though the questions were bit difficult but it did help a lot in exam. PrepLadder will prepare you for all the tough questions.

Did you use a time table/study plan to keep your preparation on track?

Yes I did. Time management and planning are equally important as revision both while studying and during exam. So make your time table. Personally i gave more time to my weak subjects.

Were you a topper or a mediocre student during graduation?

I was an Average student

List the most difficult and easiest subjects for you.

Non clinical subjects were very difficult for me as they require you to mug up drug names, cycles, various mechanisms in Physiology etc. My strong subjects were Surgery, Obs-Gynae, ENT, Ophthalmology etc. I gave less time to these subjects during preparation. Also Read: Detailed Exam Analysis of FMGE December 2016

One mistake that you believe everyone must avoid while preparing for FMGE

Don't get distracted by the various news coming from various sources. I think FMGE doctors are getting my point. Just stick to your preparation, sleep well. Give more time to your weak subjects. Read Anatomy, Biochemistry everyday in last 2 months and keep revising. The more you revise, the more confidence you will gain while practicing MCQS.

Some last tips for our readers preparing for FMGE?

HARDWORK is the only way to crack this exam. Believe in yourself. Don't get distracted. Keep your phone away while preparing and Give your 100%, Thank You. Stay Tuned for more Topper tips by PrepLadder! Also Read our blogs for FMGE Preparation :
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