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CATALYST 100, India's biggest NEET PG discussion module.

Aug 9, 2017

NEET-PG is now almost a 100 days away and there is no time to lose. To give your preparation a boost in these final crucial days PrepLadder brings The CATALYST-100. CATALYST-100 is a carefully designed 100-Day module established to revamp your preparation and help you gain an edge over other aspirants in the final and the most crucial 100 days. Catalyst-100 is absolutely FREE and you can join the discussion on PrepLadder’s telegram channel or on our facebook group To download complete CATALYST 100 schedule: Click here

You can join the discussion on the following platforms:

1. The New PrepLadder App: Download the new PrepLadder app for the best experience of CATALYST 100. Note: If you already have the app, you will have to download the latest update to access CATALYST 100. To download on Play Store (Android), click here To download on App Store (IOS), click here **You will be able to take tests, review solutions, ask doubt and do much more on the new PrepLadder app. 2. Facebook Group: To join CATALYST 100 on Facebook group, click here 3. Telegram Channel: To join CATALYST 100 on Telegram channel, visit: t.me/medicalprep

What is CATALYST 100?

Catalyst 100 will be India's Biggest NEET PG discussion. Team PrepLadder has carefully selected 500 most important topics from NEET PG point of view. One question will be selected per topic and 5 such questions will be discussed per day (includes images). Answer with detailed explanation will be shared the same day, the explanations will be high yielding and will cover the entire topic. Therefore, in 100 days you will be able to cover a total of 500 important & most expected topics for NEET-PG. Topics for the entire week will be shared in advance so students can be prepared and actively participate in the discussion.

Features of CATALYST-100

1. Questions selected by toppers and high yield explanations built by subject experts. 2. Get five questions from High yielding topics daily. 3. Prepare five topics daily in a systematic way. 4. Image based questions. 5. Get detailed explanations the very same day. 6. ABSOLUTELY FREE!! 7. Assistance in Fast track preparation. 8. Guaranteed improvement in just 100 days.

More the students, better the discussion.

Catalyst 100 will be India's Biggest NEET PG discussion. Many questions from the topics discussed in Catalyst 100 WILL appear in NEET PG. Do not miss this priceless opportunity.
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