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Guidance on New AIIMS-PG Exam Pattern by MIB

Apr 10, 2019


AIMS-PG July 2019 session is scheduled to be held on 5th May 2019. After the recent change in the exam pattern and marking scheme for MD/MS Entrance Examination, we have been getting regular queries from the aspirants to help them with the new pattern questions. To reduce your anxiety, we are here with the perfect Guidance on New AIIMS-PG Exam Pattern by the two legends Dr. Apurv Mehra and Dr. Gobind Rai Garg. Let us first go through the marking scheme and changes in the exam pattern.

Updated Marking Scheme

Type of MCQ Correct Wrong For Review Not Answered
Single best response +1 -1/3 0 0
Multiple True False +1/5 -1/5 0 0
Match the following +1/4 -1/4 0 0
Sequential Arrangement +1 -1 0 0
Multiple Completion +1 -1/4 0 0
Reason Assertion +1 -1/4 0 0
Extended Matching +1/2 -1/2 0 0

Important Tips by Dr. Garg & Dr. Mehra

  • Minimum 140-150 is expected to be old pattern questions
  • Don’t change your study pattern drastically.
  • Don’t keep questions for review as it will fetch you 0 marks.
  • Old is gold. Don’t go for new things.
  • Knowledge is everything. If you know the topic, you can answer any type of questions.
No need to worry. Stay calm. All the aspirants will be appearing for the same exam paper. Hence, tough questions won't make much difference. Practice! Practice! Practice! Stay tuned for more updates.. Keep Following PrepLadder.
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