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Medical PG: Preparation Guide for Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dec 28, 2021

Medical PG: Preparation Guide for Obstetrics and Gynecology

Obstetrics and Gynecology was one of the top three subjects with maximum weightage in the NEET-PG 2020 and NEET-PG 2021. And we are certain that this does not surprise you! Considering the significance this subject holds in ensuring that your Medical-PG preparation is on point, it becomes crucial to have a complete preparation guide, including the important topics.

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Important Obstetrics and Gynecology Topics


Carcinoma cervix- Very Important
Etiology and staging of carcinoma Endometrium,
Association with postmenopausal bleeding in Diabetic and hypertensives, Pipelle biopsy in OPD.
Prognostic factors like ER PR status and staging with grading. Hysteroscopy as the diagnostic tool is very important!
Management of abnormal bleeding and newer drugs- Read Mirena, Endometrial Ablation
Also, read Letrozole and metformin Pharmacology in detail. Letrozole as the new drug of choice for ovulation induction
Carcinoma Ovary
staging and it’s new details from 2014 onwards.
Read Germ cell tumors especially Dermoid and Dysgerminoma.
Read about AFP and HCG biochemistry.
All named lesions and ‘inclusion bodies’  in carcinoma ovary.
Steps of staging Laparotomy.
HRT indications and Contra-Indications.
Read especially about  Raloxifene & Bisphosphonates
One question is always asked about intersex
especially MRKH and Testicular feminisation syndrome.
Treatment of CAH
Do read turners, Klinefelter’s and Kallman syndromes


Antepartum and Intrapartum Surveillance
Details of NST and CTG are of paramount importance for any exam.
Biophysical profile and dynamics of Amniotic fluid.
Read the regular patterns of CTG in labour,
Variable decelerations
Doppler of the Uterine artery is important. Also, read MCA velocity for assessment of Anemia in Rh isoimmunization.
Read about the Ductus venosus ‘M Wave  pattern since this is used more often now in clinical practice
Malpresentation and Malposition
The most common question is always on Occipito posterior and the type of pelvis which is responsible for ‘Face to Pubis’ & for ‘Deep Transverse arrest’
Breech and transverse lie are the usual malpresentation questions, though Face and Brow can be asked as well.
Aph and pph
Do read about the Placenta accrete case which can result in torrential PPH and also maternal mortality.
Management of PPH with oxytocin first, prior to any other agent.
Avoidance of Methylergometrine in cardiac cases and Hypertension. Also, the importance of Methylergometrine and Carboprost in refractory PPH.
Blood component therapy
Management of Shoulder Dystocia, Various maneuvers
Active management of the third stage of labour
Partogram and the various aspects of monitoring apart from station and Descent.
Look for the frequency of per vaginal examination and vitals monitoring
Screening of anomalies
Dual marker, triple marker quadruple marker etc.
Ectopic pregnancy
Management of unruptured ectopic pregnancy.
Molar Pregnancy, invasive mole, choriocarcinoma.
The pathology of complete and Incomplete mole
Amniocentesis and CVS, procedure and timings.
Cordocentesis, which can be done after 24 weeks.
Cell-free DNA and its assessment in the NIPT or NIFTy test.

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