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2021 Dream Notes: What's Changed and How to Make the Most of it

Feb 11, 2021

PrepLadder 6.0Prepladder Dream Notes Dream Notes: What's changed and How to make the most of it. Notes play a very important role in medical PG exam preparation. Better notes will help you remember concepts, develop meaningful learning skills, and gain a better understanding of a topic. Effective Dream notes will even lead to less stress when exams come around! So, keeping that in mind, PrepLadder team has created the 2021 Dream Notes. Our notes this year include everything you need to ace Medical PG & FMG Exams. It’s the best resource for medical PG and FMG aspirants. They are Clinical, Integrated, and NEXT Ready. The new improved 2021 Dream Notes notes give you an entirely new learning experience. They’ve been updated to perfectly complement the 2021 video lectures by the Dream Team. The notes have been curated by maintaining a balance between elaborating and overburdening,” says, Dr Apurv Mehra, PrepLadder Orthopedics faculty” Better results start with better notes. So, be rest assured that all the information in the 2021 Dream Notes is:

  • Desired
  • Required
  • More Essential than ever

How to effectively use the 2021 Dream Notes?

Taking organized and thoughtful notes can help improve your understanding and recall of what you have learned. Try these methods which will help you to use the 2021 Dream Notes effectively. See which one works best for you.   1. Watch the videos and notes simultaneously We’ve elaborated the notes for better understanding. It would be better to use notes while watching the videos. You can access various timestamps (eg: COVID-19 given at 3 minutes, 40 seconds ) in the videos. If you click on the timestamp, you will be directed to the topic (COVID-19) in the soft notes as well. 2. Jot down extra points from the Qbank Get the freedom to personalize your notes with your short notes/observations. The 2021 Dream notes come with extra spaces called Mind Maps. On each page, a column is provided where you can add your points or write down extra pointers from the Qbank. 3. Make the most of the clinical co-relate box For integration, use the clinical co-relate box which as the name suggests is a clinically oriented box which includes the 1st and 2nd Prof topics integrated with the 3rd and 4th prof topics that help link basic Sciences with Clinical subjects and much more. Make the most of this box provided in the 2021 Dream Notes to ace your exams. 4. Refer to the Mind Maps for last-minute revision The 2021 Dream Notes come with Mind Maps which are Diagrammatic summaries provided in forms of Info graphs, Flow Charts, etc. Mind maps at the end of each unit help to summarize key concepts. These are a saviour for last-minute exam revision. 5. High-Quality images for better understanding of the Image-based question To keep up with the changing trends in the exam pattern, we’ve added more High-quality Images which will enable you to practice the image-based questions better than before. 6. Make the most of the Question Tags Topic/sub-topics in the 2021 Dream Notes have a question tag over them. This will help you to read a particular topic for a specific exam. The above list covers what we consider to be the very best ways to make the most of the Dream Notes effectively. Select the ones that will be the most valuable to you, and get your exam game going! Watch PrepLadder MIB Session about 2021 Dream Notes here. Happy Studying!
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