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AIIMS-PG Nov 2018: Exam Analysis

Nov 19, 2018

The biggest surprise of this year's AIIMS PG was the introduction on Video/GIF based questions. This marks the beginning of a newer, more clinical based approach of AIIMS exam. Will NBE follow suit? We collected information from 3,000+ students who took AIIMS PG exam on 18th November 2018 to help you understand how the exam was for others. We have consolidated data from all the responses and have tried to present an accurate picture of the exam standard. Overall Difficulty The exam was moderate to difficult:
  • 35.4% of the students said that the exam was Difficult
  • 61.6% remarked that the exam was Moderate
  • Only 3% felt that the exam was Easy
Pattern of questions:
  • Most questions were concept based clinical scenarios, candidates say that good clinical knowledge is required for cracking this exam.
  • More than 30 image-based questions and 5-6 video-based questions
  • There were around 15 repeat questions from previous AIIMS exam.
  • A lot of topics were repeated and newer updates on those topics were asked.
Subjects with low weightage: Anesthesia, Psychiatry, ENT, Biochemistry Subjects with high weightage: Medicine, Pathology, Surgery, OBGYN, Pharmacology How many questions did students attempt? According to our survey, the maximum number of candidates attempted 180-195 questions.
No. of questions attempted Percentage of candidates
<130 1.5%
130-160 15.2%
160-180 24.2%
180-195 44.4%
195-200 14.6%
Here's what the students have to say: A staggering 91.4% of students surveyed said that the PrepLadder all India exam by Dr. Pritesh Singh was very helpful and AIIMS PG was on the same pattern. Thank you for the kind words, we wish you a successful career.

We're glad to share that more than 70% of the questions asked in AIIMS were direct repeats from PrepLadder's individual subject app content.

We will also share the solved exam with video explanations by The Dream Team soon.

Anatomy: Dr. Rajesh Kaushal

Physiology: Dr. Vivek Nalgirkar

Biochemistry: Dr. Smily Pruthi Pahwa

Pathology: Dr. Sparsh Gupta

Pharmacology: Dr. Gobind Rai Garg

Microbiology: Dr. Sonu Panwar

FMT: Dr. J Magendran

Ophthalmology: Dr. Sashwat Ray

ENT: Dr. Sarvejeet Singh

PSM: Dr. Vivek Jain

Medicine: Dr. Deepak Marwah

Surgery: Dr. Pritesh Singh

OBGYN: Dr. Prassan Vij

Pediatrics: Dr. Meenakshi Bothra

Orthopedics: Dr. Apurv Mehra

Dermatology: Dr. Manish Soni

Psychiatry: Dr. Praveen Tripathi

Anesthesia: Dr. Swati Singh

Radiology: Dr. Khaleel Ahmed

Stay tuned for more updates..
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