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All you need to know about PrepLadder’s Hinglish Lectures

Dec 20, 2019

Staying true to our DNA of constant improvement, we are launching Hinglish videos on the PrepLadder app on 10th Feb 2020. Excited? Want to know what exactly does that mean? We have come forward with this blog to clear all your queries related to Hinglish content. From the last few weeks, we have been receiving ample queries from the students regarding the launch of Hinglish videos. We have compiled the text in the form of questions & answers for a better understanding.

What are PrepLadder’s Hinglish videos?

Hinglish videos’ are a mixture of Hindi and English language. It is an attempt by the faculty to make the subjects much easier for you.

Will all the lectures be converted in Hinglish and English lectures would no longer be available?

No, you are mistaken. English is the basic version of the app and Hinglish is an add-on feature. So, the lectures would be available both in English and Hinglish form and you would have the liberty to choose your preferred language.

Will Hinglish videos be available for all the 19 subjects?

Hinglish videos will be available for 18 subjects (all except FMT).

I am an old premium subscriber of PrepLadder App whose subscription is still valid; will I too be able to watch Hinglish videos?

Yes, Hinglish video lectures will be available to all existing and active subscribers after 10th February 2020.

Will I have to bear any extra cost in order to watch Hinglish lectures?

There will be no extra cost for Hinglish video lectures. It is an extra add on advantage to you.

Will I be able to watch both English and Hinglish videos under one premium subscription?

You can choose to watch English or Hinglish lectures and switch between them whenever you wish to. For more such sample Hinglish videos, subscribe to our youtube channel. We hope we have put an end to all your confusions and queries. If you still have any doubts, ask your questions in the comment section below and we’ll be delighted to answer them. To scale up your NEET PG preparation with the best-in-class video lectures, QBank, Mock Tests and more, download the PrepLadder App! Download PrepLadder's Best NEET PG preparation app for Android Download PrepLadder's Best NEET PG preparation app for iOS. Stay tuned for more updates. Keep Following PrepLadder...
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