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Best Hospitals for DNB in India (Branch Wise)

May 25, 2017

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Best DNB Colleges in India

best hospitals for dnb in india

For each and every medical aspirant who wishes to get admission in any Medical PG course, there are a few indecisive situations that need to be resolved by them. Out of all, one of the most important decisions to be made is which hospital one should choose for their PG course.

Aspirants frequently ask us about where they should get admitted for their PG course. Selection of hospital plays a vital role in one’s career, thus we have prepared this blog featuring a list of best DNB colleges in India for every branch. Keep reading.

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Best DNB Colleges in India

There are several colleges in India that offer courses in the field of DNB (Diplomate of National Board) or post-graduate medical education. Here are some of the best DNB colleges in India:

  • For DNB Medicine

    For every PG aspirant, medicine is one of the most preferred choices. Hence, there are plenitude of seats available in the best DNB hospitals and many of them are good for medicine. In medicine, every new case is a new experience to learn from so main thing you require is good OPD and IPD. Number of beds in hospital, ICU, ICCU is directly proportional to the exposure you will get in that particular hospital. Both, Government as well as Private Hospitals will be good if they have a decent number of beds that will augment your skills with every new case.

    The best DNB hospital list for Medicine are as follows:

    1. Sir Gangaram Hospital, Delhi
    2. Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre, Bandra, Mumbai
    3. Balabhai Nanavati Hospital S.V. Road, Vile Parle (West), Mumbai
    4. Lisie Hospital, Ernakulam, Kerala
    5. Lourde Hospital Road, Ernakulam, Kerala
    6. Narayana Hrudayalaya of Bangalore
    7. Martha’s Hospital, Nrupathunga Road, Bangalore
    8. Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai
    9. Hinduja, Mumbai
    10. Madurai Meenakshi Mission Hospital, Madurai, Tamil Nadu
    11. Pushpagiri Hospital, Tiruvella, Kerala
  • For DNB Emergency Medicine

    Emergency Medicine is an upcoming specialization. This field has a lot of scope since it's an emerging field. Here also, your exposure and tendency to learn is directly proportional to the number of beds present in the hospital as more than the number of beds, more the number of new cases.

    The best DNB hospitals list for Emergency Medicine are as follows

    1. Jehangir Hospital, Maharashtra
    2. Apollo Hospital, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
    3. Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, Karnataka
    4. Ananthapuri Hospitals and Research Institute, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
  • For DNB Respiratory Medicine

    Here also, your exposure and tendency to learn is directly proportional to the number of beds present in the hospital as more than the number of beds, more the number of new cases. You can choose any hospital either Government or Private that comprise of more than 400 beds.

    The best hospitals for DNB Respiratory Medicine are as follows

    1. Lrs Chest and TB Institute, Delhi
    2. Narayana Hrudayalaya, Banglore
    3. Mahaveer Jain Hospital, Banglore
    4. Kerala Institute Of Medical Sciences, Trivandrum
    5. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi
  • For DNB Pediatrics

    For pediatrics, you need a good functioning NICU, good load of patients and other modalities in a hospital. As compared to Private hospitals, Government or trust run hospitals will be better. However, some private hospitals are also good.

    The table below includes all the best DNB colleges in India for Pediatrics in different states:

    Best DNB colleges in India for Pediatrics in different states



    Andhra Pradesh
    1. Aditya Hospital, Hyderabad
    2. Durgabai Deshmukh Hospital, Hyderabad
    3. Pragna Children's Hospital, Hyderabad
    4. Princess Durru Shehvar Children’s Hospital, Hyderabad
    5. Rainbow Children's Hospital, Hyderabad
    1. Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre, New Delhi
    2. Hindu Rao Hospital, Delhi
    3. Max Super Specialty Hospital Saket, Delhi
    4. Shanti Mukund Hospital, Delhi
    5. St. Stephen's Hospital, New Delhi
    6. Sunderlal Jain Hospital, New Delhi
    7. Tirath Ram Shah Hospital, Delhi
    1. K.G. Patel Children Hospital & Jayodia Research Institute, Baroda
    2. Nirmal Hospital Private Limited, Surat
    1. Bangalore Baptist Hospital, Bangalore
    2. C.S.I. Holdsworth Memorial Hospital, Mysore
    3. Dr. Bidari's Ashwani Hospital, Bijapur
    4. Manipal Hospital, Bangalore
    5. Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore
    6. St. Martha's Hospital, Bangalore
    1. Academy of Medical Sciences, Pariyaram, Kannur, Kerala
    2. Baby Memorial Hospital, Kozhikode, Calicut, Kerala
    3. Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences, Trivandrum
    4. Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences Limited, Kozhikode
    5. Pushpagiri Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, Thiruvalla
    6. Pushpagiri Medical College Hospital, Thiruvalla
    1. Bakul Parekh Children's Hospital, Chembyu, Mumbai
    2. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre & Hospital, Mumbai
    3. Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital & Research Centre, Pune
    4. K.E.M. Hospital, Pune
    5. Mumbai Port Trust Hospital, Wadala (East), Mumbai
    6. Nirmaya Hospital & Research Centre, Satara
    7. Noble Hospital, Pune
    8. Shankar Institute, Pune
    9. Span Critical Care Centre, Solapur
    Tamil Nadu
    1. Apollo Hospital, Chennai
    2. Dr. Mehta's Hospital Private Limited, Chennai
    3. G.Kuppuswamy Naidu Memorial Hospital, Pappanaickenpalayan, Coimbatore
    4. Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital, Chennai
    5. Kovai Medical Centre, Coimbatore
    6. Masonic Medical Centre for Children, Coimbatore
    7. Meenakshi Mission Hospital & Research Centre, Madurai
    8. Southern Railway HQ Hospital, Chennai
    9. Sundaram Medical Foundation, Chennai
    West Bengal
    1. Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata
    2. Dr. B. C. Roy Memorial Hospital for Children, Kolkata
  • For DNB Radiotherapy

    For doing radiotherapy you need the availability of latest machines for instance SRT, LINAC, SRS, HDR Brachytherapy etc. Such facilities are not available in most of the Government Hospitals. Hence, radiotherapy is one of those branches where Private Hospitals are preferred more as compared to Government Hospitals.

    The best hospitals for DNB Radiotherapy are as follows:

    1. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, Delhi
    2. Apollo Hospital ,Delhi
    3. Batra Hospital, Delhi
    4. Bangalore Institute of Oncology
    5. KIMS, Hyderabad
    6. Indo American Cancer Institute, Hyderabad
    7. Inlaks Budhrani, Pune
    8. Bhagwan Mahavir Hospital, Jaipur
    9. Pushpanjali Crosslay, Ghaziabad
    10. Kamla Nehru Memorial Hospital, Allahabad
    11. Jawahar Lal Nehru Cancer Institute, Bhopal
  • For DNB Dermatology

    You need good academics and a good load of patients for DNB Dermatology. Dermatology is not taught properly during MBBS thus you need to have good academics during your PG course. Therefore, it is important to select the best hospital which will help you score good academically.

    The best DNB colleges in India Dermatology are as follows:

    1. Care Hospital, Hyderabad
    2. Railway Hospital, Hyderabad
    3. Karigiri , Tamilnadu
    4. Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai
    5. Base Hospital, Delhi
    6. Skin Institute And School For Dermatology, Delhi
  • For DNB Family Medicine

    You need a hospital having a good medicine department and good IP facilities for Family Medicine. In DNB, Family Medicine enjoys almost 100% pass rate and hence you can choose it freely.

    The best DNB hospital list for Family Medicine are as follows:

    1. Sir Gangaram, Delhi
    2. Stephen's, Delhi
    3. MGIMS, Sevagram, Maharashtra
    4. Deenanath Mangeshkar, Pune
    5. Philomena Hospital, Bangalore
    6. Indira Gandhi Hospital, Pondicherry
    7. Bhabha Atomic Research centre, Mumbai
    8. Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai
    9. CMRI, Kolkata.
    10. Kamineni Hospital, Hyderabad.
    11. Maharaja Agrasen, Delhi
    12. Guru Tegh Bahadur Charitable Hospital, Punjab.
    13. Jehangir Hospital, Pune
    14. Inlaks & Budhrani Hospital, Pune
    15. KIMS, Andhra pradesh
    16. Peerless Hospital, West Bengal
    17. Medical Trust Hospital, Kerala
    18. S.I. Kalyani General Hospital, Tamil Nadu
    19. Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, Pune
  • For DNB Surgery

    For surgery, you need to have good hands on eposure which you can attain by getting admission in Government and Trust run Hospitals. A well established and important type surgery nowadays is robotic surgery which is mainly performed by CTVS people and Gastroenterologists. Therefore, choose a Hospital where these are available.

    The best hospitals for DNB Surgery are as follows:

    1. Railway Hospital, Connaught place, Delhi
    2. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital, Delhi
    3. Stephens Hospital, Delhi
    4. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi
    5. Narayana Hrudyalay ,Bangalore
    6. Sri Sathya Sai Institute for Medical Sciences, Ananthpur
    7. Rural Trust Hospital, Anathpur
    8. Government Hospital, Chandigarh
    9. Railway Hospital, Mumbai
    10. Bhabha Hospital, Bandra
    11. KJ Somaiya Medical College, Sion
    12. Port Trust Hospital, Wadala
    13. Kem Hospital (linked to B.J. Medical College, Pune)
  • For DNB Orthopedics

    For Orthopedics, you need a good load of patients and good hands on exposure and thus you should go for Government or trust run Hospitals.

    The best DNB colleges in India for Orthopedics are as follows:

    1. Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai
    2. Martha's Hospital, Bangalore
    3. Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital, Coimbatore
    4. Devadoss Multispecialty Hospital Madurai (IORAS hospital )
    5. LISIE Hospital, Kochi
    6. Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore
    7. Hosmet Hospital, Banglore
    8. MIOT Hospital Chennai
    9. Stephen, Delhi
    10. Sant Parmanand Hospital, Delhi
    11. Port trust, Mumbai
    12. SPARSH, Bangalore
    13. APOLLO, Chennai
    14. APOLLO, Hyderabad
    15. Tata Main Hospital Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
    16. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi
    17. Sundaram Medical Foundation Community Hospital, Chennai
  • For DNB ENT

    You need a good load of patient and good hands on exposure to surgeries for ENT. As compared to Private Hospitals, Government Hospitals would be better option to choose.

    The best DNB hospitals list for ENT are as follows:

    1. Madras ENT Research Foundation, Chennai
    2. KKR ENT Hospital & Research Foundation, Chennai
    3. Narayana Hryudayalay, Bangalore
    4. KIMS, Hyderabad
    5. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi
    6. Stephens Hospital, Delhi
  • For DNB Ophthalmology

    For Ophthalmology, you need to have a good OPD and availability of numerous latest machines. Opthalmology is a diverse field where new equipment comes every 3-4 years, thus Private hospitals would be advantageous over Government hospitals. However, Government and trust run institutions will give you good hands-on exposure and a good load of patient. Therefore, the selection of the hospital should be done wisely.

    The best hospitals for DNB Ophthalmalogy are as follows:

    1. Sir Ganga Ram, New Delhi
    2. Hindurao, New Delhi
    3. Shroff Eye Centre (South Delhi)
    4. Arvind Eye Hospital Trichy, Tamil Nadu
    5. Aravind Eye Hospital, Chennai Theni Hwy, Kottai Kalam, Theni, Tamil Nadu
    6. Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Trust Hospital, Eye Centre, Coimbatore.
    7. Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Puttaparthi
    8. Sankara Eye Hospital, Chennai
    9. Sankara Eye Hospital, Guntur
    10. HV Desai Eye Hospital, Pune
    11. National Institute of Ophthalmology, Pune.
    12. L.N. Hospital, Bhilai
  • For DNB OBG

    You require good hands-on exposure for Obstetrics and Gynecology, thus Government or Trust run Hospitals would be preferred over Private ones.

    The best hospitals for DNB OBG are as follows:

    1. Edappal Hospitals Private Limited, Malappuram, Kerala
    2. Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Coimbatore
    3. Jubilee Mission Medical College & Research Institute, Thrissur, Kerala
    4. Isabel Hospital, Chennai
    5. Northern Railway Central Hospital, New Delhi
    6. Army Hospital (R & R), Delhi Cantt.
    7. BHEL Kasturba Hospital, Bhopal
    8. Bokaro General Hospital, Jharkhand
    9. Medical College (Maharani Hospital), Jagadalpur, Chattishgarh
    10. Holy Family Hospital, New Delhi
    11. Holy Family Hospital, Mumbai
    12. Shri Harilal Bhagwati Municipal General Hospital, Mumbai
    13. South Central Railways Hospital Lallguda, Secunderabad
    14. Southern Railway HQ Hospital, Chennai
    15. Martha's Hospital, Bangalore
    16. Stephen's Hospital, New Delhi
    17. Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital, Hyderabad
  • For DNB Anesthesiology

    Anesthesia goes hand in hand with surgery. Hospitals where you will attain good exposure in surgery, you will get good exposure in Anesthesia as well. Both Private and Government Hospitals have separate features for this branch. Private Hospitals have the latest equipment in anesthesia whereas Government and trust run Hospitals will give you more exposure. Thus, choose wisely.

    The best hospitals for DNB Anesthesia are as follows:

    1. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre Hospital, Mankhurd, Mumbai
    2. Ganga Ram, New Delhi.
    3. KEM Hospital, Pune
    4. All Apollo Hospitals are good
    5. Sri Satya Sai Hospital, Banglore
    6. Baby memorial hospital, Kerala
    7. Bokaro General Hospital, Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand
    8. Fortis Hospital, Bangalore
    9. Kovai Medical Centre, Coimbatore
    10. Lourdes Hospital, Ernakulam
    11. Manipal Hospital, Bangalore
    12. Max Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi
    13. Northern Railway Central Hospital, New Delhi
    14. Saifee Hospital, Mumbai
    15. Southern Railway HQ Hospital, Chennai
    16. Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, Bangalore
    17. Yashoda Super Speciality Hospital, Hyderabad
    18. Ganga, Coimbatore
    19. Poona Hospital, Pune
    20. Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai
    21. Narayana Hrudyalay, Bangalore.
    22. Holy Family Hospital, Bandra, Mumbai
  • For DNB Superspecialty Surgery

    You need good hands on exposure for Superspecialty Surgery that can be attained only at a few centres in India. This course is of 6 years duration. Many Private Hospitals provide this course but only few are good.

    The best hospitals for DNB Superspecialty Surgery are as follows:

    1. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi
    2. Narayana Hrudayalay, Bangalore
    3. Vivekanand Policlinic, Lucknow
  • For CTVS

    As claimed by many individuals, CTVS is a dying branch due to advent of minimal invasive techniques. However, few places, may fetch you a good exposure to all the techniques required to be specialized in this course.

    Following are the best hospitals for all the hard-core surgery enthusiasts who wish to take up superspecialty surgical branches including CTVS:

    1. Narayna Hrudayalay
    2. RTIGS, Calcutta
    3. Fortis Escorts, Delhi
    4. National Heart Institute, Delhi
    5. Heart and Lung Institute, Delhi
  • For Radiodiagnosis

    For Radiodiagnosis, two important aspects are good load of patients and availability of machines. Most of the Private Hospitals situated in metros are equipped with all the machines whereas good load of patients would not be found due to high prices. On the other hand, in Government Hospitals, you will find a good load of patients but availability of advanced machines like MRI or PET scan may or may not be there. Thus, choose your Hospital for this course wisely.

    The table below includes the list of best hospitals for DNB Radiodiagnosis in different states:

    Best hospitals for DNB Radiodiagnosis in different states



    1. St. Stephens, Delhi
    2. Sir Ganga Ram, Delhi
    3. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, Delhi
    4. Apollo, Delhi
    5. Safdarjung, Delhi
    6. Max/Batra, Delhi
    1. NIMS, Hyderabad
    2. KIMS, Hyderabad
    3. Yashoda, Hyderabad
    4. Care Hospital, Hyderabad
    1. Narayana Hrudyalaya
    2. Manipal Hospital, Bangalore
    3. Columbia Asia Hospital, Bangalore
    1. Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai
    2. Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai
    3. Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai
    Tamil Nadu
    1. Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital, Coimbatore
    2. Apollo Hospital, Chennai

Hope this blog will help you in deciding which hospital you should choose for your medical PG course. 

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