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DNB CET 2016 Exam Analysis: 30th June 10 AM Session

Jun 30, 2016

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PrepLadder: Hello Dr.Neha. How was your DNB CET exam?

PrepLadder: Kindly share your reviews on the difficulty level of the exam?

PrepLadder: Which were the most difficult and most easy sections?

PrepLadder: Share the overall analysis of DNB CET 2016 ?

PrepLadder: How many image-based questions were asked and elaborate on their difficulty level?

PrepLadder: Did you benefit from PrepLadder’s mock test series?

PrepLadder: Was the topic wise weight age similar to that released by NBE prior to the exam?

PrepLadder: Did you face any difficulty using the exam software?

PrepLadder: What conclusion could you reach from the session 1 of Day 1  DNB exam?

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