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DNB Medical or MD / MS - Advantages & Disadvantages | PrepLadder

Dec 24, 2015

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DNB Medical or MD MS - Advantages & Disadvantages PrepLadder

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  1. Easier entry. This is the most common reason for someone to choose DNB. Most top rankers in NEET PG will choose MD/MS. So admission in the same stream in DNB will be a little easier than MD/MS.
  2. Inexpensive. Only the yearly stipulated fee is to be paid. Compared to the fees charged by private medical colleges it is a very small amount.
  3. Management as per guidelines. In many large private hospitals, the management of the case is on par with international standards.
  4. Some of the latest procedures, surgical techniques, medical advances, expensive investigations are more commonly done at private hospitals.
  5. Recognition abroad: Some countries have started recognizing DNB from India more than MD/MS. So if you aim to work abroad, go for DNB degree.
*DNB is not recognized as a degree it's recognized as a speciality work experience. You still need to clear the medical licensing exam and do residency in that country.Also read: DNB vs MD/MS which one gives a better career growth


  1. Low pass rate. The final exam is considered tough and the pass rate is generally at 15 to 20%.
  2. Less surgical exposure. In some institutes DNB residents are not given enough exposure and independence while working. Specially in surgical branches.
  3. Problems in private practice: There is less recognition among the general public about DNB degree. So a doctor might face some difficulty early on if he/she starts a private clinic. However, this is changing fast.
  4. Teaching job in Medical college: Some medical colleges demand work ex from DNB holders to start teaching while MD/MS holder have no such condition.
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