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Feb 18, 2022


The number of lessons a Medical PG aspirant has to learn and stick to their memory does not fall in the category chosen by the majority. The vastness of the syllabus is a daunting challenge. Therefore, retaining crucial points of every chapter of all nineteen subjects is impossible without access to quality revision tools like clear and concise notes. 

PrepLadder’s ELITE Plan 4.0 is a work of perfection, a product of extensive research and an accurate understanding of a PG aspirant’s mindset. And ELITE Plan 4.0 Notes happen to be one of the best things about the newest version of the ELITE Plan! Ordinarily, you look for notes that include essential information systematically. Well, 4.0 Notes don’t just meet the ordinary expectations; they are developed to help you revise like a pro so that during the examination, you don’t get stuck and think- I have read this, but I can’t recall. Enriched with remarkable features, these notes are everything you need and much more!

Important Information Boxes

These boxes contain the vital information/key points related to a given topic that must not be missed while reading it.

Previous Years’ Medical PG Questions

For a given topic, past year exam questions with answers are provided. While reading the topic, you can see the questions asked from that topic in the previous years’ exams.

How To Remember Boxes

These aim at ensuring retention through mnemonics developed by the Dream Team to eliminate any trouble you may face while remembering information related to a given topic.

Understand With Examples Boxes

We all know how examples make it convenient to understand and retain a given topic. These boxes contain relevant examples related to a given topic to aid in better understanding.


This feature is a byproduct of our understanding that when the most significant lines or sections of a topic are highlighted in a different color, revision becomes easier.


This feature of the notes helps a user to get to that particular point in a video where the topic in question has been covered.

Prep Nuggets/Flashcards

These are small cards with an exercise-fill in the blanks. Flashcards or prepnuggets aim at making the users think and thereby aid in better retention.

Clinical Questions

At the end of every chapter, there are clinical questions based on the given chapter to enhance your clinical knowledge.

Outline Of The Unit

This contains the learning objective of every unit to ensure a clear mindset before approaching a given unit.

Important Topics List

This feature includes significant topics from every unit enlisted systematically.

It is crucial that you cover every important topic in detail to ensure conceptual understanding. However, when you are in the last phase of the preparation, nothing acts as a better revision tool than notes. Now, you have two options- 1) you can spend hours, days, and months compiling notes and yet miss out on certain things, or 2) you can make the most of the perfect notes curated by the experts. 

If you have chosen to go with the latter, it’s time to work on your decision by downloading the app and getting introduced to the world of exceptionally incredible content!

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