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Everything You Need To Know About Rapid Revision Edge

Sep 06, 2023

Rapid Revision Edge

Preparing for the upcoming FMGE December 2023 and/or NEET PG 2024 exam but struggling to revise the vast syllabus? Have already prepared a study schedule but are unable to follow through?

Well, PrepLadder is excited to introduce the perfect solution.

Picture this: a well-structured, synchronized revision plan tailored specifically to meet your NEET PG 2024 and FMGE December 2023 revision needs. A plan that not only guides you through your studies but also motivates you every step of the way. That's precisely what Rapid Revision Edge is all about.

Read this blog further to better understand how you can simplify and supercharge your exam preparations with this new feature.

What is Rapid Revision Edge?

Rapid Revision Edge is a synchronous revision plan for the upcoming FMGE Dec ‘23 and NEET PG ‘24 exam preparation. The course is spread across 91 days for those targeting NEET PG and 71 days for FMGE aspirants. It is meticulously curated to help you revise the entire FMG and NEET PG exam syllabus in a structured manner. 

How will Rapid Revision Edge Help You?

Rapid Revision Edge is specifically developed with only one goal - to help you revise efficiently for the FMGE Dec ‘23 and NEET PG ‘24 exam. 

You will be provided a day-by-day revision plan, which will feature daily targets of video lectures and questions to practice. Additionally, you will also have the chance to evaluate your progress through our rigorous tests at regular intervals. 

Rapid Revision Edge will help you stay focused throughout your preparation journey and ensure seamless learning. 

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Important Details

Rapid Revision Edge batch will start on 22nd September. 

The course is available for free to all our premium ELITE Plan users. We highly recommend availing this opportunity to put your exam preparation in the fifth gear and ensure that you achieve success. 

You can check out the detailed course schedule for NEET PG 2024, including the number of study hours for each day, subject to be covered each day, test days, break days and PYQ days in the table below -  

Detailed Course Schedule for NEET PG 2024
SubjectsNo. of hrsStudy DaysNo of QuestionsTest DaysBreak DaysPYQ DaysStart dateEnd date
Incremental Test 1128/09/202328/09/2023
Incremental Test 2109/10/202309/10/2023
Mock Test 1111/10/202311/10/2023
Incremental Test 3121/10/202321/10/2023
Mock Test 2125/10/202325/10/2023
Incremental Test 4104/11/202304/11/2023
Incremental Test 5114/11/202314/11/2023
Mock Test 3122/11/202322/11/2023
Incremental Test 6128/11/202328/11/2023
Incremental Test 7104/12/202304/12/2023
NEET PG 202317/12/20237/12/2023
NEET PG 202218/12/20238/12/2023
NEET PG 202119/12/20239/12/2023
NEET PG 2020111/12/202311/12/2023
NEET PG 2019112/12/202312/12/2023
NEET PG 2018113/12/202313/12/2023
Revision Days15/12/202319/12/2023
Mock Test 4120/12/202320/12/2023
Grand Test121/12/202321/12/2023

Who Is Rapid Revision Edge For?

Rapid Revision Edge is the perfect revision resource for learners targeting the upcoming medical PG exams. 

The course is developed in a manner that demands nothing less than your full commitment. Hence, it is important to understand that you will be required to dedicate at least 7 hours per day to benefit from this course.

Rapid Revision Edge is for you if - 

You are targeting FMGE Dec ‘23 and NEET PG ‘24

You can dedicate 7 hours of study time every day. Rapid Revision Edge has a rigorous schedule. You will be required to follow the revision plan religiously to achieve your goal. To stay on track with your preparation, you will need to meet the daily targets, or else missed topics will keep piling up. If you are working as an intern or part-time, you might find it difficult to meet your daily targets.

You are version 5.0 learner.

You are seeking an efficient and structured approach to exam revision.

Key Features of Rapid Revision Edge

Rapid Revision Edge has an array of unique features meticulously integrated to elevate your revision journey and enhance the chances of achieving your desired rank. With Rapid Revision Edge, you'll benefit from - 

Structured revision plan 

Rapid Revision Edge provides a synchronized revision plan with daily targets of video lectures and questions from Rapid Revision. The course is designed in a manner that you revise the entire syllabus in an integrated manner.

Rigorous Tests on Regular Intervals

Rapid Revision Edge is designed for a 360-degree revision and hence has the provision to regularly evaluate your preparation through tests. 

In addition to subject-wise tests, you will also have the opportunity to analyze your preparation through incremental tests.

Lastly, a grand test will cover the entire syllabus at the end of the course.

Note: Since we have limited time to prepare for the FMG exam, we have limited the number of tests for FMGE aspirants to 6. FMGE aspirants will only get 5 incremental tests, 2 mock tests and 1 Grand test at the end of syllabus completion.

Dedicated PYQ Days

Understanding the importance of previous year questions in exam preparation, we have kept dedicated PYQ days when you can invest your time in going through what examiners have asked in the past. This will help you identify high-yield topics that must be focused on and also allow you to better understand the exam pattern and the types of questions generally asked in the exam.

Intensive Performance Tracking 

Your progress will be intensively monitored throughout the course. You will be shown a detailed performance on the app, which will feature a detailed summary of your test performance along with insights on correct, incorrect answers, time taken per answer, peer comparison and insights on course completion, pending assignments, etc.

Know more about Rapid Revision Edge through this detailed video by Dr Preeti Sharma

To sum up, Rapid Revision Edge can be an excellent revision tool if used properly. So, register yourself on the PrepLadder app and see how it can elevate your preparations.

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