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Final chance to be a part of PrepLadder. The NEET Vital pack.

Oct 14, 2016

Final chance to be a part of PrepLadder. The NEET Vital pack.

PrepLadder is now proudly hosting the most competitive and most acclaimed test series for NEET PG preparation.
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PrepLadder is ranked above every other Medical PG preparation website providing online test series in India. *Website Ranking source: Alexa.com *Compared on 14th October 2016
Website Alexa Rank
medical.PrepLadder.com 3,255
dbmci.com (Dr. Bhatias) 13,861
damsdelhi.com (DAMS) 18,515
Gatetomedicine.com 59,739
myPGMEE.com Not ranked
On an average, our students are increasing their scores by 6% after each grand test they take.

Not a part of PrepLadder yet?

We bring you the NEET Vital Pack. Last chance to be a part of PrepLadder which could prove to be the difference between cracking NEET PG this year or not.

What does the NEET Vital pack include?

The NEET Vital pack includes the following:
  1. 20 of our most competitive Full length tests which are framed according to recently released NBE guidelines.
  2. Champion’s Blueprint: Our most acclaimed and smartest product which is crucial for the final month preparation. It will sort your weak topics, strong topics and topics that you waste time on. So that you have a lean study plan for the final month and waste zero time.

When can you join the NEET Vital pack?

NEET Vital pack is now live.

Click on the link below to join now and avail the special offer.

Why do you need The NEET Vital Pack?

Because crucial times call for crucial measures. Because you need all the help you can get at this moment. Because smart work is as important as hard work. Because you just cannot afford to waste time studying the same thing over and over again.

What are the features of NEET Vital pack?

  1. 15,000+ expected NEET PG aspirants makes PrepLadder the best platform for competition analysis.
  2. Same software used as the real NEET PG exam.
  3. All questions on the latest NBE pattern.
  4. Customized improvement plan.
  5. Answers with detailed solutions and references.
  6. Measure your improvement with our detailed analysis.
  7. You never miss a test with PrepLadder, take any test when you are prepared.
  8. 15-20% image based questions in each mock test.
  9. PrepLadder App downloadable from Android Play Store for offline revision.
Prepare anywhere but test yourself with PrepLadder.
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