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How satisfied young doctors are with their career?

Jan 15, 2018

We all had some hopes and aspirations when we started our journey in the field of medicine. For some of us it was our childhood dream, for others it was their parent’s wish, for several it was a natural progression from being toppers at school. Nevertheless, getting into MBBS was a dream come true for every young student who made it. But after 5-15 years in the system, are doctors really satisfied with their career growth? We at PrepLadder wanted to know what young doctors really feel, are they happy with their careers, is it going as they planned. So, on 30th Dec 2017 we conducted a survey to find the truth. The results of the survey were scary to say the least. Our survey was taken by 2,488 doctors in 24 hours, of which: 72.5% were post interns 10.5% were MBBS students 8.2% were MBBS interns 4.5% were post PG 4.2% were PG residents. The primary motivation to join medicine for most students (63.7%) was "Respect Associated with the Profession". However, the primary motivation to continue for most is "Job Satisfaction". Only 20% young doctors said that they had an idea about the time and work commitment required to finish medical studies at the time of joining MBBS. 64% people said that they were not satisfied with their career growth and 50% said that if they knew earlier what they know now, they would not have opted for medicine. The times when doctors wanted their kids to be doctors are also over. Only 14% people said that they would want their kids to pursue medicine (in the future).

Why are these results scary?

This survey was done with young doctors, most of who are still students. These are the people who at the age of 17 or 18 committed the next 10 to 15 years of their lives to studying medicine and they’re already regretting their decision. Something needs to change. Something needs to be done. And we feel that we as a company that has an influence over these young doctors has a moral responsibility to trigger the change. PrepLadder at its core believes that being a doctor should be an amazing thing and nobody should regret their decision to study medicine. Starting 2018, we will align all our efforts, all our time and all our resources to make sure young doctors get what they expected from their career when they chose medicine as a 17 year old. Our campaign #ThankYouDoctor is aimed towards restoring the lost respect and pride of being a doctor. We want to make people realize all that doctors sacrifice to keep their patients healthy. We will try to bring back the lost sense of gratitude among general population towards doctors. We already know it will be a long uphill battle. But we will keep trying. You can follow our efforts here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thankyoudoctor Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thankyou_doctor In 2018 we’re not going to try to get maximum students to buy our plans, we’ll rather try to make sure that the few that do enroll, achieve their career goals. We’ll listen to your problems, we’ll talk to you regularly, we’ll hold our-self responsible to make sure you put in the hard-work and we will make your career goal our own. We have your back. You can count on us to work hard along with you. We'll find you the best mentors, align you with the most understanding counselors and provide you with the best high yield content. We'll do anything in our power to make your goals a reality. We’ll do this survey again next year, we hope the results won’t be as depressing and we hope that PrepLadder would’ve made a positive impact to the lives of young doctors. Wish you a satisfying career. Dr. Deepanshu Goyal Co Founder and CEO - PrepLadder
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