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How to clear UPSC CMS 2017?

Mar 25, 2017

Combined Medical Services (CMS) exam is conducted by the UPSC every year for recruitment to numerous Central Government Organizations and Institutes. Notification for the UPSC CMS will be released in April 2017 and the exam is expected to be conducted on August 13th 2017. The exam is taken by thousands of candidates desirous of joining Central Government Institutions. The exam is accompanied by intense difficulty level since thousands of candidates compete for only a few vacancies offered through the UPSC CMS examination. Therefore, it is important to put in your 100% efforts for preparation. This blog will update you with some useful preparation tips for UPSC CMS 2017 exam.
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UPSC CMS 2017: Preparation Tips

Developing Familiarity with the Syllabus The first step prior to commencing preparation is to develop familiarity with the syllabus. Go through the syllabus well so that you can gather study resources accordingly. Accumulate Study Resources The next step should be to gather study resources for the exam. With the exception of the General Ability section, all the rest are medical subjects. It is a wise approach to follow the standard textbooks of MBBS for the respective subjects and the study material utilized during MBBS since it will facilitate concept clearance. For candidates who have prepared well for NEET-PG can easily relate to the syllabus. Focus more on the final year syllabus of MBBS. For the General Ability section, refer to the previous year’s UPSC CMS question papers to get an idea as to what you can expect. Stay Updated with Recent Developments and Current Affairs Candidates are tested about various aspects such as Indian Culture, society, polity, economy, environment, industry, agriculture, ecology, heritage, current affairs and recent advancements in the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine. Therefore, aspirants must stay tuned to current affair magazines, journals, books and online sources for consistently updating their knowledge regarding different fields. Enroll in Online Test Series A major blunder which candidates commit is that they prepare in the Offline while the exam is in the ‘Online Mode’. Hence, it is best to enroll for an Online Test Series to get familiar with the online platform. The online platform also helps to learn time management skills and accuracy aspects. PrepLadder is launching the most helpful test pack for UPSC CMS candidates. Unique features of PrepLadder's UPSC CMS Pro Pack:
  • Questions prepared by experts on expected exam pattern.
  • Personal mentorship from recent UPSC CMS toppers (you can ask them anything like study schedule, best books, exam strategy, doubts).
  • Exactly same software as real UPSC CMS.
  • Artificial intelligence that recognizes your weak areas and gives you a topic wise improvement plan after each exam.
  • Real- time connect with the faculty (all doubts answered by subject experts within 24 working hours).
  • Revise offline using PrepLadder app.
Avoid Guesswork or Use Intelligent Guesswork Guesswork is something which must be avoided as far as possible while attempting an objective pattern exam. However, depending on your overall performance in the exam, there can be scenarios where one is left with no other option except guesswork. The only option left in such scenarios is to utilize intelligent guesswork for answering unknown questions. Read the question statement carefully and go through the alternatives. Try to zero down the alternatives to 2 options since this will provide you 50% chances of answering it correctly or getting it wrong. Reading the question statement and the alternatives with caution may provide a clue in arriving at the correct answer. There’s negative marking for answering a wrong answer that has been given by the candidate, 33% of the marks assigned to that question will be deducted as penalty. Hence, either avoid ‘Guesswork’ or use ‘Intelligent Guesswork’ in unavoidable situations. Solve Previous Year Papers Solving previous year papers of UPSC CMS is very important part of preparation since it will provide you idea about the type of questions anticipated in the exam and difficulty level of questions. Though the questions won’t be repeated but it familiarizes you with the concepts and pattern of the paper. Therefore, study at least 5-7 previous year papers with explanations for smarter preparation. PrepLadder’s UPSC CMS Pro Pack will prepare you with 15 Full length tests + 5 Previous Year solved papers. Refrain from Using ‘Too Many’ Study Resources You must not refer to a large number of study resources since this will leave you confused. Refer to good quality books. Remember, the way you utilize your limited study resources to your advantage. Be Consistent with Your Revision Revising the topics at regular intervals ensures that information is retained at the time of the exam. Since a high volume of information is processed, you must revise the main topics once or twice. Frame your study schedule in such a way that you have enough time for completing at least two to three rounds of revision. Work on your Weak Areas Most of the candidates focus only on the strong areas and leave the tough and uninteresting topics for the last. This greatly affects the overall performance in the exam. Identify the weaker areas and devote ample amount of time studying them. Just remember that if you leave certain topics/ sections you will lose out on marks. Every mark counts in the end. Prepare Notes You must develop the habit of preparing notes since they will serve as a quick reference guide. When exam preparation reaches its peak, one does not get enough time to go through the entire topic. Taking notes will also facilitate faster and better retention. We hope that the aforesaid preparation tips will serve useful in your preparation for the upcoming UPSC CMS 2017 exam. More Updates will follow. Stay Tunedǃǃ
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