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NIMHANS 20, India's biggest NIMHANS discussion module

Feb 22, 2018

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NIMHANS is now almost 20 days away and we know this a crucial time for you. You must be anxious how NIMHANS’18 exam will turn out to be. Don’t worry! We at PrepLadder are always looking for ways to help you. Previously we introduced Catalyst 100 and Super 30 for NEET-PG and this time we have come up with something equally amazing for those preparing for NIMHANS exam. Want to know what it is? We are pleased to introduce NIMHANS 20, which is a carefully designed 20-Day module. It has been prepared by Dr. Omkarnath, the author of Neurosciences NIMHANS (the bestselling book for NIMHANS exam). It is the perfect opportunity for you to give a final touch to your preparation and gain a competitive edge. NIMHANS 20 will be live on the following platforms: 1. The new PrepLadder app: Haven’t downloaded it yet? No issues. Download it now using the below links- 2. Telegram Channel. 3. Facebook Group. So, what exactly is NIMHANS 20 & how will it help you? NIMHANS 20 will help you climb the ladder of success by giving a boost to your preparation in these most crucial last 20 days. Dr. Omkanath, author of bestselling books for NIMHANS has carefully selected 100 most important questions for NIMHANS 2018. 5 questions will be discussed everyday. Answers with detailed explanation will be shared on the same day. The explanations will be high yielding and will cover the entire topic. So, within 20 days you’ll be able to cover a total of 100 most important & expected questions prepared by Dr. Omkarnath himself. Let us simplify it a little more for you. Here are number of questions per subject that will be discussed in NIMHANS 20.
Subject No. of questions
Neurology 15
Medicine 5
Neurosurgery 15
Psychiatry 15
Neuro-anatomy 4
Anatomy 2
Neurophysiology 4
Physiology 2
Biochemistry 2
Forensic Medicine 2
Pharmacology 4
Microbiology 3
Pathology 3
Surgery 3
Obstetrics 2
Gynaecology 2
Pediatrics 2
Orthopaedics 2
Opthalmology 2
Anaesthesia 2
Radiology 2
Dermatology 2
What are you waiting for, let’s get started. NIMHANS 20 will begin on 1st March'18. More the participants, better the discussion. So, don’t forget to invite your friends to join NIMHANS 20. Let’s spread the word. To supplement you preparation you can also buy ‘NEUROSCIENCES NIMHANS’ the bestselling book by Dr. Omkarnath. This is considered the best book in India for NIMHANS PG Entrance Exam and has been producing consistently great results since 2001. Best wishes for NIMHANS Team PrepLadder and Dr. Omkarnath
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