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Our Anti-Piracy War| Report Piracy & Get Rewarded

Sep 16, 2021

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What led to the anti-piracy fight?

How can you help in our anti-piracy fight?

What’s in for you?

Fight against piracy and copyright infringement with prepladder and win exciting gifts

We value the immense hard work of our dream team that manifests as our impeccable content. However, piracy, plagiarism, and unauthorized circulation of our content bring us to the battleground against these opponents. We are bringing this to your attention because if we are victorious in the battlefield as a consequence of your support, you can get some incredible reasons to celebrate! If you choose to express your agreement by helping us win this anti-piracy war, you get a chance to win exciting awards!

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What led to the anti-piracy fight?

Our content is a product of consistent hard work, our zeal to aim at perfection, and achieve it. When we come across copies of our content or discover unauthorized distribution of the same, it not only disheartens us, but also directs our attention to the efforts that go into the curation of our videos. We aim at keeping our team's faith is us intact along with keeping our promise of giving you nothing short of excellence. This is why our fight against piracy holds a lot of importance. The video content published on our app, our official social media handles like the YouTube channel, Instagram account, or any other channels owned and/or operated by PrepLadder is licensed to PrepLadder. Any redistribution, reproduction, or unsubscribed viewership of our videos in any form, qualifies as copyright infringement and paves way for punishment as it is strictly prohibited.

How can you help in our anti-piracy fight?

We have several measures in place to maintain the quality of our content and protect it against copyright infringement and unauthorized circulation. This means that our chief warriors are all set to emerge out victorious! However, we were hoping you could become our eyes and ears too. And while doing this, you get to win exciting prizes! Every little step has the potential to make a significant difference, and you will be rewarded for the difference you make.

You can write to us at antipiracy@prepladder.com if you:

  • Come to know of anyone who is an unauthorized possessor of our video content.
  • Come across content that bears similarity to ours on social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, or content sharing platforms like Google Drive, Torrent, etc.
  • Find out bugs or ways by which our content is being screen recorded or reproduced in any form.
  • Know of any individuals or groups illegally distributing, reproducing, sharing our content.
  • Find links in the PrepLadder application, which can lead to security breaches.
  • Spot bugs or flaws in our website or application that can be exploited to hack into our systems.

What’s in for you?

A part of you may ask questions like why you should have a role to play this or how can your contribution in any way benefit you. Well, that’s because we keep you above everything else, regardless of what the fight is all about.

Here’s how you will be benefited through this:

Once a possible threat or malefactor is identified, you’ll be rewarded for your role in identifying them. You will win exciting awards depending on the impact the reported incident has and the uniqueness of the reported threat/malefactor or unauthorized usage. 

We make no compromises when it comes to the delivery of excellence, and we choose to make none when it comes to the protection of our content. If you decide to join hands with us while we guard our content, you will get the satisfaction of being on the right side. And at the end, while we celebrate our victory against copyright infringement and piracy, you will get to make the most of some exciting gifts!

Let’s fight this together, and let’s win this together!

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Ridhima is a Content Writer at PrepLadder. She aims at making a significant difference in the academic journeys of Medical PG, NEET SS, and CAT aspirants through her content.