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Overall Exam Analysis of NEET PG December 2016

Dec 14, 2016

The much talked about NEET PG 2017 exam is now over. The exam was conducted over a period of 9 days. NEET PG 2017 exam elicited mixed reviews with some sessions being quite easy while others ranging from ‘Moderate-Difficult’. With a view to familiarize you with the major highlights of all the sessions of NEET PG 2017, PrepLadder brings forward the Overall Exam Analysis of all 18 Sessions of NEET PG. The Overall Exam Analysis will bring to light the major highlights of all sessions of NEET PG. Many candidates are anxious as to whether the disparity in the different sessions would impact their overall ranking. For clarification on this, visit: How your choice of Exam Session impacts your NEET PG rank

Overall Exam Analysis of NEET PG 2017

In order to elicit reviews of the candidates who appeared in NEET PG 2017, PrepLadder conducted a poll to draw out genuine responses. Overall Difficulty Level - Moderate Majority of the candidates appearing across the 18 sessions stated that the Exam stood ‘Moderate’ in terms of Difficulty level. A certain percentage of candidates stated that the exam was ‘Difficult’ while a few ranked the exam as ‘Easy’. Overall, most sessions were ranked as ‘Moderate’ in terms of level of difficulty. Deciders Pre-Clinical subjects carried substantial weight age in all the 18 sessions. Among the Pre-Clinical subjects, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology carried substantial weight age. Among the Clinical Subjects, PSM, Medicine and Gynaecology & Obstetrics and Radiology carried the highest weight age. Surprisingly, surgery had low weightage in most of the sessions. Image-Based Questions – Substantial Weight Age Image-Based questions carried considerable weight age in all the 18 sessions. Every session had at least 15 image based questions and some had up to 50. Nearly 25-30 Image-Based questions were asked on an average in every session. Overall Difficulty level of the Image-Based questions was Moderate. Many Image-Based questions were directly repeated from NBE SnapShot by PrepLadder in every session. Pattern of Questions ‘One Liners’ seemed to rule every session of NEET PG 2017. Every session overwhelmingly comprised ‘One-Liners’. Subject-wise Marks Distribution was not strictly followed in any session of NEET PG. Easy Questions but Confusing Distractor Options Majority of the candidates participating in the poll stated that the majority of the questions in the exam were ‘Easy’, however, the distractors were very confusing and tricky. Candidates stated that one could easily commit silly mistakes if one does not go through the statements carefully owing to the confusing distractor options. 25-30 Direct Questions from PrepLadder’s Mock Test Series in every session The major highlight of NEET PG 2017 was that as many as 25-30 questions directly appeared from PrepLadder’s Paid Mock Test Series in most sessions. Our free subscribers reported that 7-10 questions directly appeared from PrepLadder’s Free Exam in every session. Our users expressed their gratitude as to how PrepLadder’s Comprehensive Test Series helped to bring a difference to their overall attempt. We are sure that this post will help you plan better if you are preparing for next year's NEET PG. Stay Tuned for more updates.
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